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Fujian city to accelerate the construction of rail transit Fuzhou Xiamen 2017 annual attack first subway Taiwan network news November 1st chinanews.com reported 31 days 9 when, Xiamen Metro Line 1, held the first train vehicle joint ceremony. According to the official news of Xiamen, Xiamen Metro Line 1 will strive to experience trial operation in September 1, 2017, and strive to fully open by the end of 2017 fully passenger. 5 days ago, the Fuzhou Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee voted through the "Fuzhou city rail traffic regulations", the concern of the fare, construction safety and safety operation of the specification, as local regulations in Fujian province first on track traffic. Following the rapid railway and highway, rail transit construction has become a new hot spot for investment in infrastructure in Fujian. For a long time, due to the mountainous terrain and long-term in a state of war, Fujian traffic development is located in the national railway terminals. Over the past ten years, Fujian actively promote the construction of integrated transport infrastructure, a more sound highway network, the main framework for the formation of the railway network, ranking the forefront of the country. In particular, the rapid railway, since 2009, Fujian railway construction investment of 20 billion yuan per year (the same below). Just a few years, Wen Fu, Fu Xia, Ha Long, to the Po, Xiamen Shenzhen, Fuzhou 6 high-speed railway have been opened to traffic, Fujian Province import channel has increased from 4 to 8. Strait (Fujian) traffic engineering design Co. Ltd. technical experts, although the current Fujian rail transit project is still no official opening operation, but more than the city of Fuzhou, Xiamen and Wuyishan are speeding up the construction of rail transit. According to Fujian Province, "13th Five-Year" plan, the next 5 years, Fujian will be included in Fuzhou Metro Line 1, line 2, Xiamen Metro Line 1, line 2, line 3, Wuyi district tourist attraction; the new Fuzhou, Xiamen subway second round of planning and construction of Quanzhou city rail transit construction plan project; construction project in Fujian intercity rail transit network planning. The experts also pointed out that the promotion of urban rail transit construction is conducive to further improve the comprehensive transportation system, but also the inevitable requirement of the development of modern cities in Fujian province. With the rapid economic development in recent years, whether it is Fuzhou, Xiamen or Quanzhou, traffic jam is becoming one of the most criticized urban disease. Speed rail transit has become the consensus of all sectors of the city to break the disease in Fujian. Fuzhou citizens Wang He said, hoping to delay the opening of the Fuzhou Metro Line 1 as soon as possible, in order to ease the pressure on urban traffic contribution. It is in response to public concerns, the Fuzhou municipal Party committee secretary Ni Yuefeng took office shortly after, on the Fuzhou subway construction survey. He pointed out that the construction of the subway is related to the vital interests of the people, the people strongly hope that the early completion of the Fuzhou subway, early opening, early operation. At present, the Fuzhou Metro Line 1 power supply system network formally formed. According to the Fuzhou municipal official, Fuzhou Metro Line 1 (a) January 20, 2017 full trial operation, Fuzhou Metro Line 2 in the January 31, 2019 trial operation, Fuzhou Metro Line 6 under construction by the end of 2016, Fuzhou Metro Line 5, the beginning of the end of November 2016 the overall design bidding.相关的主题文章: