Fun At Jim Corbett National Park

Corbett National Park is a fantastic wildlife conserve based in the state of Uttarakhand. Endowed with the mesmerising natural beauty, Corbett is must-visit destination in the northern India. Corbett shot to fame for its successful tiger conservation program. The program not only brought the region on the global map but laid an example for others. Corbett is today home of a number of tigers and subsequently known for tiger spotting tours. The park is spread in a huge area and only certain parts are open to public. However, the open section of park is too loaded with mesmerising wildlife and gives tourists ample opportunity to spot the tigers. Dhikala and other forest zones are prime locations, where tourists like to camp and stay. Some of the locations see a huge number of tourists. Though the park ensures you get ample isolation and peace. Jim Corbett National Park, however, has a lot more to offer apart from tiger spotting. Bird watching is yet another great fun at the Jim Corbett. There are numerous birds, some of the migrant ones, filling the appetite of bird lovers to the fullest. There are some great sites in Corbett that give you great view to the fascinating bird species over here. When you .e to Corbett, never forget to bring binoculars. And this is not all, you can always enjoy the jungle on back of an elephant — very well known as Corbett Elephant Safari . It is one of the most pleasurable safari in Corbett. Experiencing the jungle from the unique location is simply amazing. And you are thinking thats all, my dear friend you are again wrong. When theres a Corbett, theres jeep safari and canter safari. Trekking is another popular activity over here. Corbett is exclusive destinations where one can truly fulfill crave for nature and wildlife. Some of other entertaining activities in Corbett is fishing and angling. Corbett rivers are filled fishes, which are available in great variety. Never forget to bring your fishing kit while .ing to Corbett. Otherwise, you will miss out lot of fun. Still wondering thats all, well its certainly not! Corbett also offers you corporate tours, stay at great resorts and some great customised tours as well. Nook and corner of Corbett is loaded with excitement, keeping you on your toes every moment. The jungle mystery will always enthrall you. If seek you an adventurous weekend or vacation, you know which place to visit. Corbett of course. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: