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Funny sister Tucao: Professor Yang Yang Xiang Artest chemical reaction with love probation team Professor Yang sina sports news everyone, today is Monday oh! Last night, the five major league important games comprehensive open Oh ~ so today sister tease also prepared a large thin filling Tucao ~ right, when it comes to filling the thin skin, today is the winter Oh ~ you don’t forget to eat dumplings! All right, let’s take a look at today’s tucao! If you have a funny joke and Tucao please remember to watch more sports @ funny sister, sister tease Tucao, click to download the sina sports client > > handsome man with sister tease in a public platform for laughing, and you have not concerned? Scan two-dimensional code or search for micro signal: sportsfunnygirl, with funny sister chat sports! Come and sweep the ———————————- Premier League – Manchester 3-1 nearly 5 round victory Manchester United away 3 1 win over Swansea, bogeba closed top volley into the net, the Iraqi cloth plum opens two degrees broke the League scoring. Manchester United after the 5 round of the first round is still behind the top of the list of 8 points. @ little Mr. Xu: "in the second half with Manchester United back" @Fisher- fish: "Swansea today played a united" @Xxxxxxxzy: "you are the champion, good are scattered." @Oliver.Norwood: "the first thought that Mourinho then, who thought a" Swansea I sleep for you it helps me to cover the quilt. "…" @mophya: "when starting out, a lot of people say the first half can wash sleep, get to sleep, happy" @ lay three hundred thousand: "Xiang flavored ice cream is ice cream ah @ Stranger on the train:" wake up Liverpool Arsenal, Arsenal woke Chelsea, Chelsea woke Manchester, can United do not want to wake up. [xdj_MU: "also pull the neighbors to sleep together"] is not pure pure brother: "David De Gea: impossible to guard against" @ White: "new tactics: sink roll over" @ Barcelona _FCB: "the keeper pushed an almost empty" @FC dream smoke: "sunset, do not know is not the last day what Xiang what chemical reaction, Professor Yang is now a little confused of his own people… When he took the ball past the duck actually looked up the goal, I fucking thought he was going to shoot, cold sweats…" @ I was not a poet: "then, I saw the little Yang homeopathic resorted to" El pie "Nirvana" soul of a defender Akira feet "and the duck! At a crucial moment of discipline, he thought… "From an early age, only one chance! Mourinho took after the moon, red, blue, and enemies robbed, their team is kuangshuai eight Street, this is the team’s chance to prove himself and repay…… Wait, I’m going to miss David De Gea?" And!相关的主题文章: