Gemini Horoscope November 2011 -oboni

Arts-and-Entertainment This post is especially for Gemini, well, all those of Gemini should keep a watchful eye on the cash flow can be dreary, especially when your friends our out making the most of summer. An excellent month as most of your aspirations and efforts would be rewarded well. You will be in a positive, artistic and work oriented mood this month. November brings unexpected money and improvement of in.e for the ladies over 35 years. A big surprise, isnt it? For career, there will be no major issues with regard to career front. The 1st half of the month will give gains in your employment. Those who are expecting a promotion will be able to get them. If you are unhappy in your present position then maybe it is time to think of making changes, it may be in your own best interest to do so. Gains will be high and very good progress would .e about this month. Then how about your love life? Make your decision about what it is you want and then stick to it, for your own sake as well as others. This month is not very conducive for love but the foundation of a new relationship could be laid during this month. Keep your eyes and ears open towards people you .e across this month. Marriage matters will see a very hectic social scene. Those who are seeking a divorce will be able to proceed ahead although there will be many unpleasantaries exchanged in this month which will give you many sleepless nights. As to health condition, you should take it slow and easy as approaching the full moon, November 10. You’ve had a demanding year so far, so don’t feel guilty about treating yourself to a bit of peace and pampering before the holidays arrive. It is the beginning of a new and positive phase for the next two years. Young gents will seek ways for development, for better jobs and for better in.e. At this time you will be thinking about different options before taking serious action. There will be a spurt of activities and you will stand to gain a lot of money. Things will improve as Venus and Mars enter Libra and enhance your risk taking potential. Modifying arrangements with those you rely upon could require weeks of renegotiations but will leave you on more solid ground once the work is done. It’s likely that radical changes in society, large-scale economic or political .anizations or the cycles of Mother Nature herself may have a bearing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: