Gentleman’s College a beautiful young girl! Your swimsuit is off! e2140

Gentleman’s College: a beautiful young girl! Your swimsuit is off! Good evening, boys, it’s time to play again at the academy. A wonderful "gentleman College", remember to watch the kids all know yo ~ must have a love of Japanese animation are swimsuit, or what the benefits of hot springs. After all, what the swimsuit was very tempting, whether big or ratite can find their own style show build. However, wear a swimsuit of the meaning is not a show of ditch ah what even a moment, ultimate point must be dropped. What swimwear swimwear, washed away by water, accidentally did not wear a swimsuit, and so on, of course, we are keeping the heart loved by the state, after all, we love is not wearing a swimsuit girl. So, what are the girls swimsuit lost? Let the "gentlemen’s College" read it for you! 1 "infinite Stratos" Cecilia · Orr Carter pride is very high, because the relationship between candidates, so she is arrogant, a call for infinite Stratos "common people", but he later renamed the "summer love students". Because his father was a man who looked at his mother’s face, especially after the invention of IS, his father’s status was more humble, so Cecilia looked down on a coward like man. [analysis]: when I first gentleman, Cecilia just let the male help colour sunscreen, but sunscreen, so this thing is actually painted the harem male harem girl seduced in a flagrant way. He can’t see the past, took the initiative to continue to work with, but also put his hand into the evil Cecilia briefs, how my ass can be touched a woman? Cecilia runaway, forget to button oiled swimsuit, a moment to stand up what have been to see the light. 2 "my little friend" Bai Nai Qixing BUTCHER MEAT queen trip is always endless. Kashizaki Hoshina is a blonde busty, outstanding and universal movement. Because it is too popular and welcomed by a good family to spoil, resulting in a proud character. Have a good impression on Hase Kawakotaka’s love, Hase Kawakotaka’s sister Hase Kawaoshima, but the shy little dove to her little sick. Gentlemen’s analysis: Kashizaki Hoshina’s swimsuit fans disappeared in fact, and can not escape the relationship between sunscreen. Not only the chest is big, there is probably no brain said Qixing Bai Nai, is still coated with sunscreen, is still forgot that we have unsnap swimsuit, a hot head directly stood up, and then it was a male look cool, Kashizaki Hoshina figure, bare breasted destruction must be very great! 3 "cartoonist and assistant" a foot to sand ear with gentle, give people the feeling of cool, claiming to be "see (= so) abandoned dogs can’t ignore people". There is a problem, she is not the same as the definition of "cute", like a little strange mascot. Dream of becoming occupation cartoonist, drawing technology is more and more good, but don’t think the story. [analysis]: gentleman swimsuit is washed away by the sea the bridge there are many, such as foot to sand ear. My sister was happy in the sea相关的主题文章: