Giant panda in the water to reproduce the emergence of Danjiangkou reservoir jellyfish winflash

Water panda jellyfish reproduce in Danjiangkou reservoir reservoir in Danjiangkou city recently discovered a rare aquatic animal, by the relevant experts, the animal Department of the giant panda in water "said the national animal protection: jellyfish. On Thursday, the Danjiangkou water diversion office director Zhang is working with staff of pollutants inspections in the reservoir, a large rare aquatic animal found in front of the dam area, the whole body is transparent, four petal shape body, suspected jellyfish. Zhang is deputy director of the Danjiangkou Municipal Bureau of Fisheries Xiong Zhibang to consult the relevant experts to be confirmed. It is understood that the jellyfish called minnow, named after swimming up like falling water peach. Reporters learned that the high degree of environmental requirements of the peach blossom jellyfish, clean water pollution in the water below the I-II environment can survive. Its value is greater than the land giant panda, known as the giant panda in the water, belonging to the highest level of protection of the world’s most dangerous creatures". "Danjiangkou reservoir found peach jellyfish, indicating that the water quality is good." Yesterday, Zhang Zhengyou told AFP reporters, Danjiangkou reservoir as the water source area, these years, after renovation, the water quality of continuous optimization, provides a good habitat for Craspedacusta, this makes water panda can live in Danjiangkou slobber inventory. (reporter Guan Qianyu)相关的主题文章: