Girls sued the students by their identity to do the campus loan refused repayment huangshexiaoshuo

The girl charged students through their identity do campus refused to repay the loan with the original title: Student ID do refuse to repay the loan to the campus of College Students Legal Evening News (reporter Tang Lihan) in recent years, with the prevalence of P2P, the network lending platform to expand business in Colleges and universities, to provide various types of funds at the same time it also brings many risks for entrepreneurship, consumption. This morning, with the campus net loan in Changping court in the case of private lending, the plaintiff and the defendant was a student of Career Academy Department of Beijing, because the defendant has to the plaintiff’s identity information through the campus network lending platform borrowing more than 1.8 yuan, after being unable to return to court. Plaintiff Dong (a pseudonym) 21 years old, it claims that she and the defendant are a student at Career Academy in Beijing, and the defendant Xiao Sun (a pseudonym) for the year after the age of only 16 years old. Since January 2016, the sun has been in her identity information through the campus network lending platform to borrow 18871 yuan, after a variety of names from its place to borrow cash of $2982. In 2016, the two sides signed a "personal loan loan" IOU, agreed the amount and repayment date etc.. Dong said, the sun in a variety of ways to evade, refused repayment, it is taken to court the return of the loan principal. The trial used in 3 students identity platform loans to 18 thousand at 9 in the morning, the case in Changping court held a public hearing, the plaintiff and the defendant to appear in court Defense Agency lawyers, komago and its legal representative Father Sun B legally summoned by the court did not appear in the court, the court at the hearing. The judge said that after the court will verify whether the defendant has a legitimate reason, if there is no justification for the hearing shall prevail, if there is a legitimate reason, the court will organize a hearing, to ensure that the defendant’s defense and the right to cross examination. Today, the case shall be handled in accordance with the law. Court, Xiao Dong said that she and the sun is a friend relationship, two people have been very good feelings. "I didn’t know she was underage, but the loan platform can not unplanned admissions loans to students, komago person cannot lend money, so she was with my name, my identity information to loan money to hit my card, and then transferred into her account." Dong agent court submitted a personal borrowing IOU, prove the existence of both lending and borrowing amount and repayment date. At the same time to submit a komago hand written IOU, to demonstrate its recognition of the name Dong from the fun stage, stage music, elite loans three platform loans 18871 yuan. Xiao Dong said that before the school loan platform loan repayment is also by the sun. Later, Xiao Sun and she borrowed money, signed a loan contract when she was aware of the sun is a minor, she said she signed with me, go back to her father and then sign." According to Xiao Dong said that this year the sun to read junior high school, School of professional marketing and planning. Because it is a junior college, junior began to practice, the sun is doing the campus agent, a monthly salary of 3000 yuan. Xiao Dong explained, although the contract agreed in the final deadline is in October this year, but the sun did not follow the contract payments, in order to avoid the loss of expansion, so I want to advance money to safeguard the rights and interests, let each other can be.相关的主题文章: