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Go to Quanzhou to eat the occasional Millennium Temple [eleven edition] – Sohu of Quanzhou tourism develops most early in the Zhou Qin Han Dynasty, 260 ad (three period) before Dongan home county, the Tang Dynasty is one of the four major ports of the world, is Marco Polo known as the city of light, in fact, Quanzhou has no other purpose is that side of the town special delicacy snacks came to Quanzhou only arrived at the train station, it is already in the afternoon, but the weather was very good, here is the blue sky and white clouds, I live Qinglv – small hills International Youth Hostel, and did not think here soon, of course, this is something in advance booked a room. Check quickly, located in East Asian cultures are the most rich cultural atmosphere in the park — the source and the 1916 great environmental design, cyts! The hall can play a lot of tennis. The shelf and so on, tired rest here to drink tea and chat love photography I now no matter where they could not help but take some pictures here when I travel record room, there was a friend to play because some things to the delay time here a corner of Park — the source and the 1916, is artistic from the West I live very near, then walk more than and 10 minutes to pass on the west of the Kaiyuan Temple is an important cultural relics along the southeast coast of Chinese, Fujian province is the largest Buddhist temple. The temple was founded in the early Tang Dynasty chuigong two years (686 years), the beginning of the Lotus Temple, Kaiyuan twenty-six years (738 years) renamed Kaiyuan temple. It is said that here is the famous Quanzhou free tickets to the temple, incense to pray. Kaiyuan Temple two tower is a symbol of the ancient city of Quanzhou and the symbol, here are very rare jietan, the only 3 East pagoda named town tower, is China’s existing highest tower (48 meters), a symbol of the Oriental world. The scenic area has a "Ancient Boat Museum, there is a Gulf of Quanzhou of the Song Dynasty unearthed ancient remains, despite the vicissitudes of history has become dilapidated, but can still feel the superb skill in ancient China shipbuilding, unfortunately to some time later only glanced at the Quanzhou sea is indeed the starting point the Silk Road, only the temple could witness the history of the ancient city of Quanzhou came out when it was getting dark, the door parked tricycle, remember right after leaving Beijing very nearly did not see the street soliciting tricycle are everywhere in the old house, seems to have some history of roadside stalls a lot of fish in the seaside city, little fish and seafood, seafood in Quanzhou compared to Xiamen certainly cheaper here is the West as First, I will go to find the taste of delicacy was always going to find a snack break I guess how much money the dinner, as long as two dollars RMB8, the store at night for a long time to eat some shops to go early, otherwise they were sold out in late 1 on transport distance the recent Quanzhou Jinjiang airport and Xiamen International Airport in Fujian province 2 high-speed moving vehicle相关的主题文章: