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Good points, poor class, the teacher headache, even worse for the children – since the beginning of the mother and child Sohu, small excellent in WeChat background received a lot of parents Tucao school elite class and ordinary class message. About the good or bad class this phenomenon, when we were young, has been, has been controversial for many years. Share with you today, a known article in German, let everyone together to discuss this question: I know ~ is a primary school teacher and class teacher, there are several low IQ children in this class, there are five for poor children, with much sickness, and several special trouble every time the door naughty king, the result bottom, many parents don’t have the ability to do things carelessly, manage the child, or find an excuse. As children grow up and deepen the teaching difficulty, try a variety of methods, and has been for experienced teachers. Class because students accept ability is limited, very difficult, now every day I day by day, the cause of unsatisfactory, beautiful more than and 20 year old girl became a woman, how should I do? The answer: I appreciate Dr. questions for assistance attitude, I hope that the answer can solve the problem of a small part of the main (and the main problems facing the common situation of people confused). When it comes to education and health issues, everyone’s view is very difficult to become objective. It has to be admitted that such professions as teachers and doctors are often misleading. The more than and 20 year old new teachers, lack of experience, are not trained specifically for special education, in the face of severe ADHD, sensory integration dysfunction, as long as the efforts within the scope of their ability, even with little success, I think others should not blame what. A lot of people always have a kind of expectation to the teacher, think that through the careful education, and then poor children have become possible. This misunderstanding, derived from the deviation of these people’s understanding of the "education", is also a lack of respect for educators. Education is a very complex and rigorous thing, just by patience and encouragement, not enough to change everything. Why not blame the teacher? The biggest problem with the problem is that these children are different in degree and symptoms, so the relative treatment or intervention is not the same. According to the main description, is divided into the following categories: low IQ: actually need more specific description, determine whether it is a developmental delay, and need to adjust the difficulty of the course; Sid: may be stunted, autism may be. Need application of sensory integration training, behavior training (ABA) and so on; accept ability: also need more specific description, is probably the intelligence problem, may also be lonely behavior, or growth retardation, or the social need empathy training; ADHD: need special training and medicine. So these children into a class, with the same lesson plans, with a few courses, the same teacher education, in itself is unreasonable. These children, according to their own circumstances, should be targeted, as many of the answers, the general foreign!相关的主题文章: