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Governor of New York: the bombing was not found to be related to international terrorist forces – Sohu news September 17th, in New York, police blocked the scene of the explosion in New York (cell phone photos). Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Muzi photo China News Agency, New York, September 18, New York governor Cuomo 18, said the evening of 17 for "terrorist acts" Chelsea in the New York bombings, but there is no evidence relating to international terrorist forces. The mayor of New York, Debra Theo, said the motive was unclear, still calling it a "serious incident", "criminal act" and "intentional act"". Chinese Consulate General in New York, said there is no report of Chinese citizens injured. Local time at 8:30 on the evening of 17, New York, Manhattan street and the junction of the road at the top of the explosion occurred in six, resulting in a total of 29 people were injured. New York police said about 3 hours later, in the streets of the street and found a suspicious device, and at 18 on the morning of 2, said the news release, the device has been removed from the bomb squad safe removal. There is a suspicious device with 27 wires in the local media. In 2013, the Boston marathon explosion was caused by a bomb, killing 3 people and injuring more than 200. The 18 morning in the vicinity of the blast site told the media that the 29 injured have been discharged. "A bomb exploded in New York, which is obviously a terrorist act." Cuomo said, no matter what the people placed a bomb, we will find him and bring him to justice. Cuomo said at the same time, there is no evidence that this incident is related to international terrorist forces, and said the investigation is just beginning. Debra Theo said at a news conference on the afternoon of 18, it is unclear the motive of the explosion. The same as the evening of 17, he said the explosion as a serious incident, saying it was a crime and intentional behavior". O’neal, the newly appointed New York police chief, said no group claimed responsibility for the bombing. There is no special evidence that the New York bombings were linked to a nearby New Jersey bombing. 17 am, a bomb exploded in a charity run in New Jersey route, no casualties. Nigro, director of the New York fire department, said the building near the explosion in the city of Chelsea has been detected, but fortunately no serious damage, the current structural stability. Chelsea block is located in the middle and lower reaches of Manhattan, New York is a famous art district, galleries, cafes and bars, crowded. Currently, the relevant areas of the explosion is still in the police blockade. Reporter 18 am in the vicinity of the block to see, many bars are still normal business. Broadway Avenue and 26 street at the junction of the music show Toshi’s, two singers on the stage playing the guitar while singing and dancing, dozens of young men and women holding the glass with singing dancing, the waiter said that David "black boy bottle party not affected by the explosion effect. Chinese Consulate General in New York on the 18 to the China News Agency reporter, said the police and the hospital to understand, there is no report of Chinese citizens injured. Consulate General will continue to closely follow the follow-up of the explosion, in a timely manner to provide consular assistance to Chinese citizens and services. Present.相关的主题文章: