Graceful posture! A ring. A high quality office open sale cagliari exchange

Graceful posture! "A ring". A high quality office. Kaba Nellie a "pre-sale open" as the hot spring, the heroine in the nameless otaku is popular hot, many manufacturers have set the ring set of. Recently a well-known high quality toys manufacturer GOOD SMILE COMPANY also announced the sale of a ring set, will be held tomorrow (October 25th) to start the pre-sale. The nameless hand wearing combat uniforms, carrying mechanical weapons, these weapons are movable design. Although the body of the equipment looks very heavy, but the name of the action seems very light. One foot on the shelf, the other leg movements seem so sudden movement, and details of the milk and the armpit side is also very sexy, and skirts the secret to everyone after purchase to know! The nameless face is very cute, is to restore the original style, let us enjoy a set of hand details! This figure is 17 ring size, priced at 13000 yen (about 738 yuan), scheduled to open in October 25th, is expected to ship in August 2017. Nameless fans quickly buy buy buy it! Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: