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"Grandpa Christina 38" fixed gear singles Michelle Chen revealed during pregnancy status "Grandpa Christina 38" singles set file + Michelle Chen revealed the pregnancy status of Tencent (the Zhou Chen Xue Jianyu entertainment news photography camera, ocean) 38 years old when Grandpa is a kind of what kind of experience? In the movie "Grandpa Christina 38", Tong Dawei will personally tell such a funny story. The afternoon of September 21st, the film held a press conference in Beijing, Director Ann Bingji and starring Tong Dawei, Lv Yuncong, Liu Ruilin, Wen Xin collective appearance. The actress Michelle Chen is pregnant with voice connection and creative scene interaction, was asked about the new mother life expectations, Michelle Chen said happily, and hope to the baby when the friend. An Bingji want to take comedies like Tong Dawei Michelle Chen and his daughter is the perfect partner "Grandpa Christina 38" remake of Cha Tae Hyun led South Korea comedy "very anchor", directed by producer An Bingji. In the film, Michelle Chen plays a young single mother Trinidad father, grandfather with his son airborne before, under the same roof three generations to wipe out countless sparks of hilarious stories. According to the director An Bingji site broke the news, the first time I saw Tong Dawei, he felt "bad" temperament is in line with the character of "Grandpa", he also joked Tong Dawei "every day there are 30 several expressions, can apply for Guinness expression records". It seems that the director, Michelle Chen and Tong Dawei in the play and is a perfect match, two people to play their own wind which are reluctant to stop the camera. In fact, an Bingji had mostly good horror themes, previously filmed "," and "Bixian" movie series in Korean horror cinema "hand of Midas" said. Talking about the creative mind, Ann Bingji said, he then served as producer of the "sunshine" sisterhood popular love Korean audience, so also in the Chinese try to shoot a family film. Wanda cinema President Ceng Maojun is also behind the movie "relief and joy", "past national people see most is bi grandfather, but from the beginning of November 11th this year was a tong grandpa." Tong Dawei Michelle Chen hope to share parenting and baby when a friend on the same day, played in the film Grandpa Tong Dawei deliberately dyed a Grandpa gray hair came to the scene, as the father of three children, Tong Dawei also generous share their parenting tips, but also personally guide the film let him "Hi Adam" Liu Ruilin how to hold the baby and baby diaper. It comes with only a difference of four year old Michelle Chen’s daughter, Tong Dawei said there is no pressure, and revealed his ridicule "The legend of Condor Hero" and "dumplings" lines in the film, "Yan Xi particularly good, dare from black." The press conference, Michelle Chen is pregnant and next to the scene, but she also with the creative scene interactive connection, speaking of pregnancy health, Michelle Chen said, "recently also good, have more time to charge." The host gossip now want to eat sour or spicy?" When Chen Xiyan was happy to say that they do not like to eat sour and spicy, but like to eat sweets. Tong Dawei is also in the line of intimate tips sweets can not eat too much, otherwise easy to get pregnant women with diabetes." In the movie, Michelle Chen prepared a feeling of being a mother.相关的主题文章: