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"Grandpa Christina 38" exposure MV Tong Dawei song unexpectedly popular advertising "Grandpa Christina 38" warm heart exposure MV Tong Dawei "love song" advertising Tencent unexpectedly popular entertainment news by Tong Dawei, Michelle Chen starred in the eleven comedy movie blockbuster file decompression "Grandpa Christina 38" upcoming tomorrow (November 11th) National release. Today, the film was released by Tong Dawei sang "warm heart warmth" Linda MV. Before the release of a warm heart relaxed and cheerful comedy style, the lyrics of warmth, like "daughter" Michelle Chen whispered confession, and this song is Tong Dawei called "heart" by the song a cappella scene after countless drama circle powder, Tong Dawei singer died off screen but the accident was "singer" popular identity. Comedy also warmth! Tong Dawei’s film "forbear warm heart confession Grandpa Christina 38", star anchor Tong Dawei was suddenly a daughter and grandson Tang Jiadong Tang Wan upset "happy" the golden bachelor life, the release of "Linda" in MV, Tong Dawei and the "daughter" cohabitation was candid exposed scandal, cause two setbacks therefore, Tong Dawei his daughter and grandson, and lead to misunderstanding external contradictions, and relations. In the past days exposed subversion the funny story, father and daughter love to become trickle blurred. With previous exposure to Michelle Chen’s "double eleven" theme song "buy buy buy" bright cheerful melody, the release of "Linda" with a little sad melody of warmth, will be more focused on the text of more than twenty years, a stranger to his "offbeat father" between the feelings, through the conflict ring on the show, the feelings between father and daughter in the face of "domestic trouble and foreign invasion". In the end, Tong Dawei said, "don’t you understand?"" The poor expression of the most incisive interpretation of love. Michelle Chen said in an interview, in particular, like the film ‘contradictions’ of that section, acting into the play when he will cry. Really good comedy should take heart, should let the audience feel the most sincere feelings in the laughter." Unexpected popularity! Don’t sing the anchor is not a good actor in the film, Tong Dawei plays a former lead singer of the band, "sings" can make a transition and anchor, Xiwai Tong Dawei is played while singing, music and movies in full bloom. November 6th "Grandpa Christina 38" Beijing premiere, the film released the first warm heart "Linda" MV, Tong Dawei improvised a cappella, the audience amazed "Tong Dawei singing was so beautiful, it can’t sing the anchor is not a good actor!" The song in the "King" fairy class, "singer" off screen popular identity. Tong Dawei said, "Linda", this song is a remake of Jacky Cheung’s early works in the film sing to the beloved girl, but in life, the pursuit of Tong Dawei wife Guan Yue, had called for her to sing Jacky Cheung’s song. He joked: "the brother in the drama can be said to be my matchmaker!" The good friend Joe Chen in the second day of the premiere becomes obsessed sister, praised for big brother you sing well listen to oh!" Nearly two days in micro-blog users also forwarded a cappella scene video of Tong Dawei, and said "big brother a message to open.相关的主题文章: