Green Committee Duanyi Kang Hualian number of voters despise the Kuomintang can not afford to lose t mia farrow

Green Committee Duanyi Kang Hualian: number of voters despise the Kuomintang can not afford to lose the bully – Beijing China Taiwan network August 28th news according to the "Taiwan times" reported Chinese, DPP faced Hualian mayor election defeat to accept this result, but also the DPP policy committee CEO Duan Yikang, on Facebook (Facebook) issued shelling of voters in Hualian city said, "I can pretend to respect the election results, but I don’t pretend to despise those voters". This message was detonated dispute, the blue camp criticized the DPP how could such a bully. According to reports, the mayor of Hualian by election results came out, the KMT candidate Wei Jiaxian with more than 17 thousand votes to defeat the Democratic Progressive Party candidate Zhang Meihui. The DPP legislators Duanyi Kang immediately write the results I can pretend to respect the election under the sentence "on Facebook, but I don’t pretend to despise those voters". After the text is deleted, but the text has been shot on the network crazy pass. In this regard, KMT vice chairman Hu Wenqi said, not found any deleted text is speculative character is not unexpected, but it can not afford to lose the grace, the DPP should consider whether Duan Yikang was competent legislator". The KMT legislator Li Yanxiu on the part of the speech expressed regret, she said, the DPP, unexpectedly bully to this extent, if similar words continue to provoke blue-green opposition, will lose confidence. Li Yanxiu said that before the election results as long as fair, everyone should be respected, this statement and draw further apart Cai Yingwen’s "blue green settlement", said a poll, no wonder would like "slide" straight. The KMT legislator Yang Zhenwu said, Duanyi Kang speech highlighting the DPP party into a "big" situation, from ruling so far, just follow the DPP to oppose, is unfair, unjust, unfair, and now even voters can despise, is 100% behind. He pointed out that in the past period of time, the Taiwan society to the Democratic Progressive Party spoiled, will make the Shunchang anti death things happen again and again, if repeatedly condoned, fear adverse Taiwan development. (Taiwan, China)相关的主题文章: