Grown up or eliminated the first player chubby rock cliff at the field — enter

"Grown up" or eliminated the first player   chubby rock cliff at the field — entertainment channel — China first file growth inspirational reality documentary "grown up" 21:08 tonight in Beijing satellite TV will continue to broadcast, the teenagers will face the first assessment qualifications climbing — rock climbing time. Check last night, suddenly someone because the body out of the situation by the night rushed to the hospital, the doctor’s conclusion or to end the young mountain trip. The dilemma, director of the group will be how to choose? And rock examination again chubby reconnects, make people scared. The director of the group called the ambulance team or night Dengfeng out first members in the rock climbing time before the test, teenagers need to pass a simulation exercise. The program, when the fat because flesh wound again refused to practice, Wu Zhaoyi put forward to the first demonstration beyond all expectations incentive xiaopang. Look at the rock climbing but difficult to Wu Zhaoyi, everyone is worried about her, and the coach also continue to stimulate fat: "you are a man?!" in this suspense, Wu Zhaoyi deliver the goods, the successful completion of the rock drill, take practical action to prove that he is no longer a weak woman, also did not complete the exercise and little incentive Li Ziwen. Waiting for the formal examination last night, a member of the discomfort alerted the director group, was rushed to the hospital overnight. After examination, the doctor concluded that the team is not optimistic, such as the continuation of the plateau assessment or risk of life. At this point the seven youth group has established a profound friendship, had vowed to climb Mount Everest with 7028 meters. The assessment of the qualifications of the mountain will be officially started, under the dilemma, the director group and how to choose the name of the night who was the first aid for the current program to add mystery. Little rock field zhuiya cry moment all the young cry why first — rock climbers climb limit three qualification assessment, launched in Lhasa salad Uzbek rock field. Different from the simulation exercises, here is more smooth steep rock climbing, more difficult. When the coach skillfully complete the process after the demonstration, the boys began the examination. Although the injury in the body fat have fear of difficulty, but the thought of Wu Zhaoyi before the incentive, he decided to overcome their difficulties. In the process of climbing, climbing fat was significantly slower than the others, but his companions in unison to encourage, or let him keep on going. But when to success, but accidentally fell from the cliff chubby let go, let the field staff exclaimed, whether he can let his teammates worry change danger into safety. The trailer before the exposure, the boys burst into tears appeared collective picture is chubby accident reconnects the situation is not optimistic, or face the first eliminated members leave or are reluctant to part, the more serious the bad news came, people can not help but speculate the truth in the end is what kind of. It can successfully escape through the examination chubby? Whether the first team will be eliminated in the team? Who is late at night by the emergency? And why the boy tears? All will tonight at 21:08 Beijing TV "grown up". (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: