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The works of Gu Chuanmin Zhu Zhiwen for Thanksgiving concert   push the business forward — entertainment channel — Gu Chuanmin works of charity concert, the Jiangsu Great Hall of the people in Wuxi held successfully, the brother Zhu Zhiwen coat simple farmer singer, did not forget Thanksgiving push business to participate in the show, touching. In this regard, Zhu Zhiwen responded: for those who helped me, I will remember to be grateful." Zhu Zhiwen to participate in the performance of the evening of September 9th, the broad flag has you – the valley of the public works of music works in Jiangsu, the Great Hall of the people staged. Zhu Zhiwen, Qu Xianhe, Xie Fang, Tao Yuling, Zhang Yunying, Ren Guizhen, Meng Wenhao, Lu Lu and other masters, and brother Wang Xiaoming, Deep-Fried Dough Sticks rookie boy Li Qiang Liao Luyi, music, Su Xiaomei, Hu Renhuo, Yu attended the show?. The famous singer Yu Wenhua and Jiang Tao VCR to help out taking. Concert in the "promised tomorrow," the closing ceremony of the concert by Qu Xianhe, presided over by Wu Haohua. Including the prologue, the four movement, the end of the three plates, the layout of the perfect; brilliant program, rhythm harmony; brought together the old, middle, green, and so on different artists, singers and actors. The concert was a complete success. The Ministry of Civil Affairs Deputy General Manager Hu Jianlin, Kuo’s group chairman of the board of directors Gu Huanyu, CEO Liao Weike, Ryan Yufeng pictures Shanghai branch Lu Quanlong, Deputy Secretary General of music Chinese radio and Television Association Working Committee Chairman Wang Lidong, Beijing Musicians Association Secretary General Zhao Jin wave, China Consumer Protection Foundation, deputy director Jiang Lianhua and other leaders and guests attended the concert. (commissioning editor Wu Yaxiong and Lin Lu)相关的主题文章: