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Guangdong Media: tall handsome style with rival Huanshuai not Lippi? Lippi interview: will not return to China coach team Hengda players can be based on the return of the European Lippi and super? Yesterday, reporters in Europe before the famous sports broker is shore rocks in micro-blog claimed that Lippi "began to study back over routes and destinations, and attach a photo of himself and Lippi. Soon, Lippi returned to replace Scolari on Hengda news spread, there are also rumors that Lippi may be close to the Hebei Huaxia happiness coaching coaching. The old man has been going on seventy next season, really also for the team to play the game and full of China fly? Rumors don’t come out for no reason at all. According to the Nandu reporter, Hengda Huanshuai possibility, but not necessarily Lippi. Scolari contract +1? Hard Hengda boss Xu Jiayin met Scolari Hengda in August 4 games 3 flat 1 negative, in the double stage sprint suddenly hit the last question, Scolari exerted pressure. The 4 game, Hengda neither scene superiority, there is no ideal results, because of the constant depth advantage is huge, so even more injuries, the coach is also to blame. Left the League 7, Hengda lead had the most up to 11 points only 6 points, but also in the next road to face the Jiangsu Suning, so the league title situation became tense, not allowed to have what mishap. The FA Cup semi-final first leg, Hengda in Fuli 2 home court 2 draw, want to progress must conquer decimating in Yuexiu mountain. Even the best Hengda did not grasp the victory in Yuexiu, and is currently the main focus of this state, more than all the world cup Hengda international. According to the Nandu reporter, Scolari Hengda contract is 1.5+1, after the end of the season, + 1 of the issues need to negotiate. In AFC Champions League group out of the case, Scolari has not much bargaining chips, because AFC Champions League group out directly pulled the Hengda club’s annual revenue in 2016. If you can not get the domestic league and cup double this season, coach Scolari said it is difficult to be successful, Hengda coaching change is inevitable. Even if Scolari got the domestic double, there is a great possibility of Hengda Huanshuai, Xu Jiayin because of Scolari’s managerial style tactics not satisfied. Prior to the South Korean news that Scolari may succeed next season, Cui Kangxi became the coach of the whole north. Analysis of the industry, this message is more like the team behind Scolari deliberately put out the message, to test the reaction of hengda. Cui Kangxi is likely to leave after the end of the season, but Scolari has not yet decided then decide on what path to follow. Invite Lippi? Hengda is not he can not shore rock said, Lippi is studying the route and destination. But Lippi I really really want to return to the heart, to mark a question mark. Left Evergrande, Lippi because of exhaustion, now two years older is seventy years of age, but to return to Evergrande, to earn more money? If Hengda really have the initiative to invite Lippi, then they can contact Lippi directly, without the need to pass any Chinese broker. The work style of Hengda, it is impossible at this time to disclose the election相关的主题文章: