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Guangzhou police destroyed the judicial examination to help test large fraud Gang arrested 41 people – Beijing, Beijing, Guangzhou, September 23, (Cheng Jingwei Su Kun Zhang Yitao) according to the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau office 23 days to report, the Guangzhou police recently destroyed a active in Huadu District in the city of large-scale fraud Gang, arresting criminal suspects 41 The Gang, using the 2016 national judicial examination candidates illegally obtained information on the candidates, Shi cheated to sell "judicial examination questions" on the grounds. Guangzhou City Public Security Bureau police detachment net days before receiving the Guangdong Public Security Bureau internet police corps China forwarding the Ministry of public security of the national judicial examination in 2016 to help test fraud clues, clues that part of the country to participate in the judicial examination candidates received the "sale of judicial examination questions and answers" messages. Because the clues to the suspect may involve illegal access to citizen information, leakage of state secrets and other criminal cases, and the sale of information related to the fairness of the judicial examination, the nature of the case. Guangzhou police investigation clues, locking a large fraud Gang headed by zhang. Guangzhou police found that the gang access to personal information from the illegal channels to participate in the judicial examination candidates, and then by telephone, QQ and other forms, in order to sell the judicial examination questions on the implementation of fraud for the candidates. The afternoon of September 21st, Guangzhou police station road in Huadu District, a commercial building and a building three to carry out the net action, action fraud destroyed 4 dens, arrested 41 suspects on suspicion of fraud, criminal detention 39 people, seized 57 sets of computer crime, mobile phone 98, and for all types of fraud dozens of agreement a. After the initial police interrogation, the suspect confessed that they used to obtain information on the candidates to contact the relevant candidates fraud. At present, the case is under further investigation. It is reported that in 2016 the national judicial examination will be held from September 24th to 25. (end)相关的主题文章: