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Guangzhou passed public sports facilities and sports industry planning in Guangzhou in August 24th Xinhua sports news (reporter Wang Haoming) 24, the Guangzhou Municipal People’s Congress examined and adopted the "Guangzhou city public sports facilities and sports industry function area layout planning" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), marking the program will enter the implementation phase. "Planning" to the development of national fitness as the focus, the construction of public sports facilities equalization of service system, in 2020 the per capita sports land reached 0.5 square meters, gradually formed the city sports circle for 10 minutes and 10 miles of rural sports circle. The sports industry, the development of sports industry, focus on fitness and leisure industry, the transformation and development of sports industry, the development of other sports service industry linkage, construction of sports industry space system to the industry function area as the core, the total size of the sports industry in 2020 reached 200 billion yuan, the sports industry has gradually become a new pillar industry. In the planning of public sports facilities layout, planning new sports mass sports facilities accounted for more than 90%, the proportion of community sports land from the current 13% to 40% growth, so as to promote the province, municipal and district level, the community sports land use transition from "inverted triangle" to "triangle". Sports industry function area layout planning, with the core resources of large sports facilities, sports and so on key enterprises, guide sports and related industries spatial agglomeration, and comprehensive development of culture, leisure, commercial and other facilities, promote the development of surrounding areas. It is understood that the Guangzhou Municipal Sports Bureau from December 2013 to organize the preparation of this plan. Organized nearly 30 seminars, the investigation of the town of the 170 street, issued a questionnaire of the residents of the 3800, the system looks at the status quo and needs of sports resources. In September 2014 after the completion of the initial results, according to the procedures to carry out the 6 round to seek the views, 221 comments on the plan, one by one study, response and implementation. In December last year, the planning adopted by the executive meeting of the municipal government.相关的主题文章: