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Guardiola ignore KUN Stryn: Coach elbowing opponents let me reborn in a sports Sohu – just the end of the Premier League, Manchester City to 3 home court 1 over West Ham, while the new season is unbeaten on goal difference advantage ranked standings " > high clear picture: hold high the Manchester City winning teammates hero Guardiola expression in a reproduction God just ended in the Premier League, Manchester City in the 3 home court 1 over West Ham, keep the victory of the new season but also by virtue of goal difference advantage ranked top of the table. After the game, Guardiola commented on the game, saying the team played the best season of the new season. While talking about Aguero elbowing an opposing player, Catalonia people say "don’t see". At the same time, the plum to open two degrees Stryn also accepted an interview with reporters, he said Guardiola makes himself reborn. Although the hammers went into a ball, but Guardiola is satisfied with the performance of the city: "this is not the best one? Beyond all doubt! In fact, we can play better, but the team has been practicing for two months, today can play this has made me feel incredible. We played very well, West Ham broke the goal pass through the way, after the score was rewritten, we did not feel panic, but also created a lot of chances. I have never had any complaints about the players from the beginning to the present." In this game, Nasri in the seventy-first minute substitute a Nuo Lituo debut, the French goalkeeper off small angle hit the door to impress. In this regard, Guardiola said: Nasri can continue to stay in the team. He just came to the team when he was overweight, but through nearly 10 days of effort and recovery, he gradually found the state of the game. If he wants to be a part of the team and to contribute to the team, I am sure he will be strict with himself." It is worth mentioning that, when seventy-fifth minutes into the game, Aguero and Reed Zhengding had elbowed her face, but the referee did not bother. When a reporter talked about this topic, Guardiola responded, said: Aguero thing? I didn’t see it. I’ll see it again." But for the stones was half-way off, the people of Catalonia said: "the stones of the injury is not serious, it will replace him if he is too tired." The state of Stryn, the outbreak, wanton two ball became the greatest hero city victory. After the game, Guardiola will be applauded for love: "in fact, I did not do anything, but I was to create better conditions for the players. Stryn scored 2 goals this season, it was really great. He is a talented and energetic player, no matter in the ball at his feet, he is always very aggressive." Last season, Pellegrini’s dismal performance in Stryn, the top 49 million pounds he has therefore been called "smuggled goods" label. Now, under new coach Guardiola tune, England winger in the limelight, making only 4 goals in 3 Premier League games. In this regard, Stryn said: "rebirth? Lately I’ve always heard the word, Guardiola相关的主题文章: