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Guizhou: 2016 "" my favorite star "released – Guizhou channel — Guiyang news September 30th September 28th, Power Grid Corp in Guizhou 2016" power star my favorite "site meeting, 20 power supply from Guizhou power grid line by a fierce competition. Finally, Guiyang Kaiyang Shuangliu Power Supply Bureau power supply, Zunyi Bozhou power supply and Power Supply Bureau Liquidambar 12 basic power supply was rated Guizhou Power Grid Corp in 2016, "my favorite star of the power supply". 20 media in Central Guizhou, the country has the impact of market-oriented media, provincial mainstream media representatives and the relevant departments of the company responsible for the jury will serve as judges. Qiu Yuefeng, deputy general manager of Power Grid Corp in Guizhou as director of the site review committee. It is understood that the Guizhou Power Grid Corp in 2016 the "100 first" series of activities in the "Huicheng South light sparks of fire – power into the grassroots" theme report, "my favorite power" award, powered by 3 stories and other activities as the main line, fully demonstrated in recent years the Guizhou local service supply base layer economic development and other aspects of the typical stories and outstanding deeds. Activities carried out in the process, Guizhou Power Grid Corp use websites, newspapers, magazines, television, micro-blog, WeChat and other media to carry out a full range of three-dimensional publicity for the activities to create a good atmosphere of public opinion. At the polls, the 45 power supply company micro-blog, WeChat official subscription number on the show, attracted wide attention from all sectors of society, the total number of votes more than 600 thousand votes, the vote of the 20 through the network of "my favorite power". In the end, through the on-site evaluation activities selected 12 "my favorite star power supply". The 12 "star talent shows itself the power of my favorite", highlighting the Power Grid Corp of Guizhou power supply of standardized management, clean and efficient, service for the people ", precise poverty alleviation, both show the grass-roots staff of positive mental outlook and reflects the" South Network wife lamps and candles of a myriad families "brand image. Dig make good story become the source of "grass-roots employees positive Kaili Power Supply Bureau of Tianzhu power supply to ensure the Yuankou immigration area folks with electricity, and others to send a banner, and set off firecrackers for so long as the good service, people remember, we have to refuel!" "Dong Tun supply staff of Anshun power supply bureau to supply service to customers into a deep sense of nostalgia, wholeheartedly service folks. We are local people, they can do it, and we can do it." This year, the Guizhou power grid "Huicheng South light sparks of fire – power into the grassroots" activities, between employees and customers about supply warmth also reported many stories. These reports as close to the actual life of staff, pay attention to staff’s true feelings, and vividly describes the grass-roots staff in the life of the passions, not only caused the grass-roots staff sour, sweet, bitter, hot, sympathy, also inspire grassroots employees. "Last year we have selected 2 Power Supply Bureau, this year there are 2 primary power supply, many are mustering the strength of the selected as an incentive, want to do a good job, fight for." )相关的主题文章: