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Haikou introduced the "three quarter" charges difficult crowd relief at the end of June this year, Haikou three noes District comprehensive renovation prelude. The reporter learned that, at present, more than and 500 three noes District included in the transformation plan, the 217 transformation has been completed, is gradually exploring the charging system, the establishment of long-term management mechanism. The environment more livable "three" district comprehensive improvement is comprehensive, regular sky cable clutter, the implementation of facade renovation, repair damaged pavement, covering bare loess, perfect green plant flowers…… Finishing a good "courtyard", let the residents live more comfortable. Into the streets of the Pearl District Hing Road, flat neat side, orderly parked vehicles marked in parking spaces within the walls showing a new slogan. The original is the Hainan provincial state-owned enterprises pearl cylinder factory (Changhai electronic company) residential workers, and later became the no property service enterprise management, the owners’ committee or residents of the autonomous management, no unit or the competent department of management of the "three noes" District, Luandaluanjian cluttered once rampant. Hing Street through the establishment of a party branch committee, strengthening the grass-roots party construction work, and gradually establish a mechanism of owner autonomy, completely off the dirty hat. At present, the street area, mining area, machinery area, Lin Yuan Xiao Qu 7 "three noes" area has been basically completed. At the same time in advance fee system hardware padded short board, the "three noes" district comprehensive improvement efforts to promote the normalization of management fee system, explore the owners of autonomy. Speaking of a new transformation behind the hardware factory district area, chusuke community neighborhood committee director Zheng Hao introduced, the "three noes" district has 6 buildings, living in more than and 120 households, a total of more than 600 residents, in order to better manage the District, the district set up a resident autonomous group, through a cleaning fee, electric vehicles and motor vehicle parking fees, established a relatively stable source of funding, community autonomy gradually on the right track. Increase publicity efforts to develop the property owners awareness of consumption." The city three noes District Coordination Leading Group Office of the relevant responsible person believes that the implementation of "normal management three noes District, actively cooperate with the support of the owners is the key. According to reports, at present, 63 three noes District Qiongshan district has established relevant charging system. The introduction of fees reference standard reporters from the city three noes District Coordination Office of the leading group was informed that, recently, the price department issued "on the Haikou city comprehensive service" three no community charges for "three views", "residential building charging system of reference standard. According to reports, the price department, Haikou City three noes district belongs to non affordable housing, due to historical reasons, the comprehensive service charges no specific standards, according to the actual situation of Haikou City, the original Hainan Provincial Price Bureau, Hainan Province Department of housing and urban rural construction "on the issuance of the" Hainan ordinary residential property service level reference "standard" and "the" Hainan Province ordinary residential property service charges government guidance standards formulated "circular". The "three noes" small charges reference standard (more than ten layers, with the top ten layer 1 (nine) January M2 multi layer.相关的主题文章: