Hangzhou network about the car driver qualification exam outline scare driver xhero

Hangzhou network driver qualification examination outline about the car driver to open network announced scare about the car in Hangzhou, we must first pass this exam. This exam is not difficult in the end, what the exam – everyone concerned about the final examination of the contents of the announcement. Yesterday, the Hangzhou network rental taxi driver qualification examination outline officially announced. Examination subjects are divided into national public subjects and the city’s regional subjects two. For the first time to participate in the examination of the applicant, should be completed in the city two subjects examination. Has obtained the taxi driver qualification, or has a non city network about car driver qualification of the applicant, only the completion of the cost of the city regional examination. The taxi driver parade for 3 consecutive years of assessment grade A or above, can apply for a card about car driver. For 15 days this month to open the fastest 10 day online for national public subject and the city of Hangzhou regional examination project is different. The public subject examination requirements master taxi driver respectively related policies, laws and regulations, safety knowledge, taxi driver occupation morals, taxi service standards, taxi operators and other relevant knowledge etc.. Hangzhou City Regional subject examination, requiring the driver to grasp the city about the relevant policies and regulations of the car, and the city’s taxi related security management, traffic management, safety and other policies and regulations. At present, the network about the driver’s computer test room is actively preparing for the examination room at the same time available for 150 people to test, you can arrange for 600 people a day. Specific examination by the Hangzhou municipal road transport authority is responsible for organizing the implementation of plans for November 15th test. From November 10th onwards, the driver can make an appointment to hire taxi management information system (URL: wyc.hzcb.gov) to submit an application in Hangzhou. Finished within 10 days of publication of the results can fail make-up examination form, the public subject to implement a unified national exam, the Hangzhou city regional unified exam subjects in the city, two subjects were using the computer system random question by way of examination; national public subject examination time for 60 minutes, the time subject area the exam is 30 minutes. Among them, the public subject examination questions are divided into a total of 85 questions, judging questions, multiple choice questions and multiple-choice questions; regional examination of the city a total of 40 questions, questions are divided into judgment questions and multiple-choice questions. Two subjects were set up a total score of 100 points, the national public subjects of more than 80 points and qualified for the examination, the city’s regional subjects and more than 70 points for the examination. After the exams, examination results announced at the end of the examination within 10 days. At the same time, such as the initial examination unqualified, since the initial examination 7 days can apply for make-up make-up; still unqualified, since the make-up of 15 days from the date of examination can apply again. Many taxi drivers exited the "love" became the "new" Hangzhou network about the new car in November 1st formally implemented landing, create no small waves in the network about the car market. However, access to the threshold of a lot of network about car drivers start to retreat. In the face of "high" net about car prices, many passengers back to the taxi. A taxi driver in Hangzhou master Chen before last year to switch to open network about cars. He opened the new Santana, the wheelbase is less than the new deal.相关的主题文章: