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Hebei Longhua retired teacher Ding Limin 9 years taking care of " left behind her " – Hebei channel — people.com.cn original title: Longhua retired teacher Ding Limin 9 years to take care of the "left behind children" 9 years ago, a more than and 30 year old man had two children to Longhua County retired teacher Ding Limin opened the "small table" after the turn leave. Over the past 9 years, was named as the "Ding Limin" of the two children, both as a teacher, but also as a parent, pulling the healthy growth of the two children. The 63 year old Ding Limin, is a retired teacher Longhua District Center school. One day in September 2007, from Cilu Longhua Village town of Mao Jia Xiao Yun and Ding Limin brothers by his father to set up a "small table". The father said, the child’s mother ran away, they can not take care of their children, I hope they stay here. He left two thousand dollars when the child’s accommodation and meals before they left, then rarely come to visit. Due to his lack of family warmth, eccentric and naughty little brothers. The bell rang, Xiaoyun still in the playground. The students are doing homework, she came to the people of the pen broke. Worried about their children follow the bad learning, individual parents to the child from Ding Limin’s little table turned away. As the actual guardian of the two children, Ding Limin both teachers and parents. She decided to take the "tune" the two children from the most simple lifestyle: the early evening to brush teeth, wash, people want to say hello, do well reward…… In Ding Limin’s efforts, the two children’s character more and more cheerful, academic performance has been greatly improved. For Ding Limin, in 9 years this little brothers had stay together morning and night, and their grandchildren. Two young brothers father had married to several times the money, but still owed 30 thousand yuan to the "small table". Suffering from a variety of diseases, he worked in Beijing, income is not much, it is difficult to save some money ready to return to Ding Limin, I did not expect his illness and spent the hospital. Money is not money, regardless of it. If I don’t care about the kids, they’ll be ruined." Although Ding Limin’s family is not well-off, but still insist on looking after the two children, "children are afraid of me hard, often advised me not to do a small table, so I decided to Xiao and Xiao Yun are on the high school." (Liu Chunyu) (commissioning editor Chen Siwei and Chen Rujian)相关的主题文章: