Her sister! Qingyun Zhi Li Yifeng Zhao Liying cook avbox

Her sister! Qingyun "Zhi" Li Yifeng cook Zhao Liying Sina entertainment news produced by Huan Rui century drama "Albatron Zhi" in Hunan satellite TV every Sunday night at 22 "super independent radio theater hit. According to Xiao Ding’s famous novel adaptation, Li Yifeng [micro-blog], [micro-blog], [micro-blog], Cheng Yi, Qin Junjie and other stars. Tonight, Zhang Xiaofan, Lin Jingyu, Xiao Yicai for second volumes to the East China Sea mumbo-jumbo Dinghai villa, encountered the same to find mumbo-jumbo baguio. Fanyao met again after my roommate Zhang Xiaofan is spend the night, cook, make love buns Baguio, what happens in the story between two people? Since the broadcast, played by Li Yifeng Zhang Xiaofan from fancy appealing to abuse the hanging counter attack, stay natural deduction capture the adorable girl heart; Zhao Liying "Baguio become the" Beijing popular sit "paralysis" after the latest fashion posture; and last drama Yi Xi smelt one thousand [micro-blog] as Wildfox seven the line "my brother is a toy", more by the majority of users to play bad. In tonight’s episode, Zhang Xiaofan, Xiao Yicai, Lin Jingyu for volume second mumbo-jumbo Dinghai to the East China Sea resort, visit Nagaki Dodokookyoko. The ghosts were seized mumbo-jumbo also came to the East China Sea, Zhang Xiaofan and Lin Jingyu posing as a probe into the pope but surrounded by ghosts. The dangerous occasion, Baguio to do the hostages rescued him. For the protection of small Baguio, had to hide her in his room, and buns for Baguio cook, two people. One night, feeling is heating up again. However, Baguio but jade design Yoko hostage, the story instantly into a tense atmosphere, Dinghai villa also has what secret? Zhang Xiaofan can rescue jade? Please lock "Qingyun.". (when commissioning editor:)相关的主题文章: