How Minoxidil Foam Works For Pattern Baldness

Hair-Loss Women suffering from female pattern baldness or Androgenic Alopecia, which is a term originally used for describing pattern baldness in men, experience hair loss that originates from the interior of their scalp and works along the temple towards the back. The sides are left mostly unaltered. Minoxidil for women is the only FDA approved pattern baldness treatment available for women and can actually encourage new hair growth. The medication is presently available over the counter which means in order to buy Rogaine Foam the brand name in which it is available, one doesnt require a doctors prescription. But consulting a dermatologist or a primary care doctor is encouraged before you start using the treatment. This is important because pattern baldness is not the only reason of hair loss and there are other possible reasons too like nutritional abnormalities or thyroid dysfunction those can trigger hair loss. The 2% solution of Minoxidil foam was first prepared and made available to market as a topical solution effective for both men and women. But later studies show that 5% solution of the drug is more effective, especially on men and now as per FDA regulations, Minoxidil 5% is restricted to be used by men only and women are supposed to use only the 2% solution. Though it is still unknown how the drug actually works but there are evidences that Minoxidil prolongs the Anagen phase of the hair cells, which in turn promotes hair growth. Growth (Anagen), regression (Catagen) and rest (Telogen) are the three phases of hair growth cycle and a shorten Anagen phase caused by the influence of testosterone and its derivative DHT is always found to precede Androgenic and Androge.ic alopecia pattern baldness in men and women. Clinical studies show that Minoxidil is capable of inhibiting Anagen phase reduction and can establish follicles expressed in the ATP sensitive K+ channels with a heterogeneous distribution for scalp, bulb and follicle. Another possible explanation is that Minoxidil, which was primarily formulated as an antihypertensive drug works by dilating the blood vessels and enhancing blood flow. Working as a vasodilator Rogaine Foam releases nitric oxide that widens blood vessels in specific parts of the body for improved blood flow and. 2% Minoxidil for women when applied on scalp results in the hair follicle cells receiving enhanced blood flow which also means that they also receive more nutrients and oxygen for growth. Apart from this there are also a few other known influence like Minoxidils ability of polarizing the cell membranes, opening up new potassium channels and its positive effect on prostaglandin actually increases the number of new and active hair follicle cells and play an active role in promoting hair regrowth. Studies show that application of 2% Minoxidil foam twice a day continuously for a period of 24 weeks can result in 13.2% average increase in hair count and the result can slightly and moderately improve with the 5% solution as higher concentration of the drug, up to 5% can be more effective on certain individuals. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: