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The doctor said | how long a blood pressure measurement? Each different Sohu Sohu health paper Dong Haiyang at present, WHO is promoting global chronic disease prevention and control objectives ("25 by 25" by 2025, with the 2010 base, by the slow disease caused by premature death is reduced by 25%, the level of blood pressure did not meet the ratio of the relative reduction of 25%) implementation. China is one of the countries participating in the global voluntary target. October 8th is the nineteenth National Hypertension Day, this year’s theme is "know your blood pressure". In this year’s National Hypertension Day theme activities and the prevention and treatment of hypertension China history exhibition, the experts agreed that, in the prevention and control of hypertension, improve the compliance rate of blood pressure is still a major problem to be solved urgently in. How often does blood pressure measure? China’s high blood pressure, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular fields, a well-known expert Professor Wang Wen on the theme of the national day of hypertension mentioned: · normal blood pressure residents every 2 years to measure blood pressure. The screening of patients with hypertension, improve public awareness of hypertension. · high risk population every months to measure blood pressure, improve the way of life, to prevent the occurrence of hypertension. · hypertension patients who did not meet the standard blood pressure every morning, morning and evening. Blood pressure measured 1-2 days per week. Improve the treatment compliance, improve the compliance rate. When need medication? Many people with high blood pressure may not have symptoms, so high blood pressure is also known as the silent killer". In fact, as early as the early benefit of antihypertensive, insist on taking antihypertensive drugs is the most direct and effective way to reduce blood pressure, belonging to one of the following three cases need to start medication. · out of patients with diagnosis should be based on cardiovascular risk stratification to determine when to take antihypertensive drugs. · low risk and intermediate risk patients to improve the way of life and the blood pressure and other risk factors after 1-3 months if the blood pressure is still greater than 140 90mmHg, started taking antihypertensive drugs. · high risk patients must be treated immediately. Need is the main, need to take antihypertensive drugs immediately after getting up in the morning, to prevent a sharp rise in the morning blood pressure in acute cerebral hemorrhage. Choose what kind of antihypertensive drug best? The event, Chinese Gerontological Society of hypertension, hypertension Chinese Medical Doctor Association Specialized Committee also branch jointly issued the "consensus" China expert clinical application of Compound Hypotensive Tablets. Consensus pointed out that once a day to take the compound antihypertensive drugs can be smoothly reduced blood pressure, the cost is only 40% of conventional antihypertensive drugs, more suitable for primary and secondary medical institutions in patients with mild hypertension. For the choice of antihypertensive drugs, you can refer to the following recommendations: · antihypertensive effect is good, there are cardiovascular protection. · 24 hours long term and stable blood pressure, to avoid high blood pressure and low, and once a day, easy to take. · side effects, safety, good tolerance and reasonable price. · medication to.相关的主题文章: