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Internet-Marketing Affluent men are big online spenders, hence, a merchant should do everything possible to get their attention. Research shows that 13% of men with an individual in.e of over $100,000 a year spend more than $30,000 individually a year online. As a result, it is not a waste of time to carry out some research on their behavioral patterns when they are shopping on the internet. During the early years of e.merce, consumers used the internet to acquire basic stuff like books and CDs that typically did not involve size, color, quantity and style. But as more and more people embrace buying on the internet, an array of goods like .puters and consumer electronics found their way in which led to male dominance of the market. But when goods like apparel, accessories, and personal care items debuted online, women became a recognizable and sizable audience. Today, women spend more than men in all categories but three; electronics/.puting, event/movie tickets and flower/greeting cards/gifts. In fact, 71% of apparel, accessory and jewelry shoppers are females but the male folks are also making their presence known in the luxury category. They are also the big spenders in categories like cars, technology gadgets, travel and health and wellness. Research even revealed that the most widespread online purchase-related activities for men are price checking and reading consumer product reviews. Furthermore, research also shows that 75% of affluent males are 35 and older while the bulk of their purchases are made on PCs. 51% of them are doing more research on smartphones, 43% are doing more research on tablets while more than 85% of them use a tablet at least once in a day. They are more inclined to video and search ads than banner ads and are turning out to be more social as they share product reviews and keenly engage with Facebook and Google+ concerning their shopping options. Moreover, 75% of them have a preference for researching and buying online rather than researching on the inter. and then buying from a physical store. The affluent male is very busy, hence, he is always after convenience and he is brand conscious but not necessarily brand loyal. He is more interested in quality and style rather than price that an average shopper is conscious about. The older affluent men are more likely to just visit a site and make a purchase but the younger ones are more likely to carry out some research before making a purchase. In order to tap from the enormous resources of affluent men, endeavor to optimize your website for tablets and smartphones because many people, and not affluent men alone, are now purchasing through these devices. Furthermore, you should have a multi-device approach to marketing by including adverts on smartphones and tablets in order to increase traffic to your site. It is also important to collect data on your customers so that you will know them better in order to satisfy them. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: