Huayi star capital to open the black box Zhejiang Changsheng first half revenue is blank tamiflu

Huayi star capital to open the "black box": Zhejiang Chang Sheng is the first half revenue blank hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client in the acquisition of Zhejiang often rise after three years, the company ushered in a blank revenue report, behind this, Huayi Brothers (300027) what happened? Although Huayi Brothers in the main film business, constantly encounter rookie challenge, but in the capital movement, has been at the forefront. One of the few star companies in the Chinese market acquisitions, mostly in Huayi brothers. According to statistics, Dongyang from Zhejiang often rise to vast, and then to Dongyang Merah, Huayi for the completion of the three pen star company, to pay a total of 2 billion 58 million yuan in cash. In fiscal year 2015, for example, Huayi Brothers, the annual net profit (before non deduction) for 976 million, three attributable to the parent company’s profit was 94 million 458 thousand yuan, accounting for nearly 10% in early September 2013, Huayi Brothers through a wholly owned subsidiary of Zhejiang Huayi Brothers Film Investment Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "Huayi film") to shares of the equity transfer of 252 million yuan was established only 3 months of Zhejiang Changsheng Television Productions Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Zhejiang Changsheng"), Guoli Zhang for the company’s controlling shareholder and actual controller. After the completion of the acquisition, Huayi film holds 70% stake in Zhejiang Chang Sheng, the Huayi Brothers Company sun, Guoli Zhang to 152 million yuan transfer funds for the purchase of the actual control of Wang Zhongjun and Wang Zhonglei held Huayi Brothers shares. "Cash holdings, established only 3 months", "bag" question was rampant, Huayi Brothers had to publish supplementary announcement after the acquisition, the transaction is based on the Zhejiang in 2013 is expected to rise 12 times the net profit after tax to determine the valuation. At that time, Zhejiang Chang promise, after tax net profit of about 30 million yuan in 2013, so the valuation of $360 million, Huayi to buy Zhejiang often rose to a consideration of $70% for the price of $252 million. The announcement also disclosed Guoli Zhang’s commitment to Huayi Brothers for a period of 5 years. March 2016, Guoli Zhang in an interview with the media, in the past few years, the TV market earnings difficult. "Now the price, the price of the actor, filming a drama investment and income have been disproportionately, plus television stations can not be in the middle of the show broadcast commercials, not get so much money to play, cause now was not IP, small meat is very difficult." He admitted that the IP play a set can be sold for about 9000000, only about 1000000 of us, but in fact belong to "peibenzhuanyaohe". On the other hand, the market situation is grim, one side is a serious agreement on gambling requirements, three years later, spent $252 million acquisition of Zhejiang Chang Sheng, whether to meet the performance requirements of the promised Huayi? The blank behind Zhejiang Changsheng revenue review of financial performance in China by Yiqi after, the reporter found that Zhejiang Changsheng has two consecutive years of two important financial indicators of revenue and net profit in the year, and at the end of the two period of sharp jump disclosure. theory相关的主题文章: