Hubei Shennongjia’s fire a month with hundreds of people (Figure) – a new cellular network. p8400

Hubei Shennongjia’s fire a month with hundreds of people (Figure) – cellular Beijing new network in Yichang in August 25, (Yang Hui Li Yanxiong) according to the Hubei Shennongjia forest region fire department 25 news, since the summer of this year, the local has received a telephone request to help remove the hornet’s nest, only since August, the fire department will remove the more than and 100 a. On August 24th, a red town people to call the fire department, request removal under the eaves of the wasp nest. Wasp called the "killer bees", once stung dizziness, abdominal pain, high blood pressure symptoms, serious coma, hepatitis, shock and other symptoms. After receiving help, the fire brigade immediately rushed to the scene disposal. Honeycomb like "gourd bag", multi-storey overhang. Any very manic, touch will nest out. The fire brigade burned hornet Li Yanxiong taken two fire officers and soldiers quickly put on anti bee suit, first use of pesticides will kill Hu Feng, after the fire of pesticides. A few minutes later, the honeycomb slowly cracked and fell, and the hive was burned to ashes. On the same day, in the same way the fire officers and soldiers in the song, Luoxiang and other places to help people remove the hornet’s nest. The hornet’s nest was removed Li Yanxiong taken fire brigade to remind local residents in the roof, the roof, the hornet’s love tree "settle down", once was stung, severe cases may endanger life. In the absence of protective measures, must not act without authorization. When the bees attack, you can use your arms or head covered with clothing Douzhu head lying on the ground, to avoid more hurt, if wasp stings, to quickly pull out the stinger, promptly with soap water cleaning and rushed to the hospital for treatment. (end)相关的主题文章: