Hunan 5 bear children and train hide and seek forced to stop the train (Figure)-ssport

Hunan 5 bear children and train "hide and seek" forced to stop the train (Figure) Sanxiang news October 24th 23, 5 bear children for posing, actually went to Hunan Linxiang section of Beijing Guangzhou railway line on the track and train playing hide and seek, see who dare to jump from the nearest orbit. So, there will be a freight train and forced to stop for 7 minutes, he almost caught in the wheel. Fortunately, the railway police station Linxiang railway station in a timely manner to stop the police, not to lead to tragedy. Who recently jumped off the train in more than 3 points according to the police, the afternoon of October 23rd, 5 students have to climb the wall of Beijing Guangzhou railway line. 10 minutes later, a freight train from a corner gallop, but in the hundred meters away from the train track, 1 teenagers are sitting, jumping to the train, even issued an emergency siren, youth is also ignored. Police rushed ran out boy jumped the track, the train also issued a harsh braking, at this crucial moment, the boy immediately jumped with just a passing truck. Because of the inertia of the train, after more than 100 meters to stop it, the child if it is dangerous to jump again later." Police said the 5 boys are junior middle school students in a middle school in Linxiang City, the age of twelve or thirteen years old. On the same day, one of the children called Mandy 12 years old birthday, invited the 4 students at home party, drank a few bottles of beer. Drunk, someone suggested going to the railway on the train and play, they will climb the wall, into the railway. It’s a big bend, and the train slows down here. Looking at the roaring train, they sprouted and train "hide and seek" idea, to see who was recently to jump off from the train track, to prove who the guts bigger, most cool. Emergency stop or cause a runaway train that evening, 5 parents rushed to the police station, after listening to the police, after watching the video monitor, can not help but cold sweats, "this is where the cool, it is playing!" In view of the 5 young teenager, police ordered parents strict discipline, and came to the children’s school on the morning of 24, again the road injury prevention legal publicity. Iron police warned that crossing the railway as well as playing on the railway, not only threaten their lives, the train will also cause hidden dangers. General train running speed and inertia, even if there are people on the railway, it is too late to stop. "A moving train needs at least three hundred or four hundred meters of distance from an emergency brake to a standstill." So, instead of an emergency brake, there will be no tragedy. Moreover, the urgency of the train itself is also a great danger, there may be a train to subvert or even out of control, the safety of a car will be threatened.相关的主题文章: