Hunan police rumor disabled people were buried alive, buried in Beijing – fatal error

Hunan police rumor disabled people were buried alive: Beijing – Lethal error buried in new network on 7 October, according to the Hunan Provincial Public Security Department official micro-blog news, September 27th, Hunan Zhongzhou township of Yueyang County, a battle occurred in the wrongful death case. The Yueyang County police investigation, the case on forklift driver driving forklift sand carelessness, mistake the victim died of landfill. At present, forklift driver Moumou has been the county Procuratorate approved the arrest. Hunan Provincial Public Security Bureau informed that the investigation, Chen Moumou (battlefield forklift driver) and Su Moumou (deaf; battle shagong into drying; drying furnace cleaning sand filter sand plate used) Department of battlefield colleagues, no contradiction. Chen Moumou driving forklift sand to sand drying machine, because of negligence, mistake the Su Moumou death landfill. September 28th, Yueyang County Public Security Bureau on the case investigation. The same day, the suspect Moumou criminal detention according to law. September 30th, Chen Moumou was Yueyang County Procuratorate approved the arrest. Currently, the case is still further processing. According to media reports, before the Internet there are rumors that Hunan Yueyang a deaf mute in the sand field work by colleagues and revenge were buried in death. In this regard, Hunan Province Public Security Bureau Public rumor.相关的主题文章: