Huzhou a 20 year economic disputes over the three years to resolve winavi video converter

Huzhou a 20 year economic disputes over the end of three to resolve "the money from the investment into the real hand, after 20 years, thanks to the help, the chase road is not easy." Recently, Wang and other 52 plaintiffs in 1996 as they finally got the ownership of A company staff members jointly invested in the company’s investment fund B. And this hit three years of economic dispute lawsuit, and finally settled. This is a kind of dispute, why the problem of the last century in 90s, to the present court proceedings, why this lawsuit has gone through 3 years? Things started in 1996. Wang said, he was A’s staff and 51 other colleagues, but also A company ESOP Association member. A company and its ESOP will jointly invest in the establishment of B company. And Pharaoh 52 employees as the ESOP Association member, also of their respective contributions to the ESOP Association, the ESOP Association to investment to B company. Due to production and operation situation is not optimistic, B company restructuring, Wang et al investment funds to remain in the B company. Over the past decade, B company after continuous development and growth, has developed into a large scale company, the annual profit is also very impressive. Wang et al. Reminds me of cast in B company money, B believes he is a shareholder of the company is planning repeatedly, in 2013 sued to Deqing court asking the court to confirm the qualification of shareholders, company B. The case after the first trial of second instance, according to the "People’s Republic of China twenty-fourth" company law "limited liability company by the fifty shareholders funded the establishment of" regulations, B company was set up when the shareholders of A company and A company ESOP Association, Wang and 52 of the investment funds by A company ESOP will hold by generation of forms of ownership, although today ESOP has ceased to exist, but the number has more than 52 people had restrictions on the shareholders of a limited liability company up to 50 the number of the existing company law, so Wang et al did not get the court to confirm the qualification of shareholders. The case lasted more than two years, Wang et al requires confirmation of shareholder’s qualification for the court not to be supported, but they think that at least have to get the money for investment. Then, in May of this year, Wang and others began a second action process, B for the return of investment funds. Who knows this lawsuit is not that easy to Wang et al, B believes that Wang et al. Ten years later remembered for the return of investment funds, has exceeded the limitation, in addition, B believes that Wang et al year investment money is given to the employees of the company will be holding A, should be A by the company staff to return. Although after two trial, the trial of the case has been deadlocked. The contractor of the 52 cases two 85 after the young judge considering the case of the particularity, especially the ESOP Association as a special product in the enterprise reform, to ensure that the case successfully solved and no worries, the two judges lasted a month, many times with A and B two companies from the perspective of legal consultation reasonable, point of view, from the start of mediation, the final confirmation by A B, the two companies "AA" the return of Wang and 52 of the investment funds. Recently, Wang et al got the long-awaited investment funds,.相关的主题文章: