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"I’m in a documentary film" the Imperial Palace relics repair big craftsman on the screen – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on November 13th news (reporter Ding Fei) according to voice of China "peak Evening News" reported that the three episode documentary "in the Imperial Palace I repair cultural relics" can be said that in recent years following the "tongue on China" documentary the explosion". The story of the Forbidden City palace cultural relics repair technicians of daily work and life documentary broadcast on television immediately after Huobian network, the average user in less than 20 years since the enduring Changhong barrage site. Recently, the the Imperial Palace Museum announced that the documentary "I repair cultural relics" in the Imperial Palace on the big screen, the movie will be released on December. What is the difference between a documentary filmed? A reputation of the documentary can won a commercial blockbuster released in the same period and large imports? Will you pay for it? This is a documentary, "I’m in the Imperial Palace,". It records the repair process of the Imperial Palace painting, bronze ware, ceramics, wood, court watch, lacquer areas such as rare treasures, with the lens about behind the palace level cultural relics repair their work and life. Documentary broadcast in CCTV, but in the network popular, loved by young people. Dan Jixiang the Imperial Palace museum director said, the documentary to the big screen, is to show the country artisan spirit". Shan Jixiang said that although the film documentary no longer, but it is condensed after more compact, the the Imperial Palace the Imperial Palace culture connotation, broad and profound, rich and colorful collections, especially with the unknown to the public, these cultural relics, through countless seasons of these experts, through a combination of so, can be more real, more is dedicated to the audience. The film "my the Imperial Palace heritage," 105 minutes long, will describe the relationship between the two generations of heritage repair division of mutual respect. The creative team, the film is not the original series condensed version which new pictures, have not previously appeared in the documentary footage. The film will remove all the narration, but retain the temperament of the Imperial Palace culture. But from the schedule, this documentary film will be directed by Zhang Yimou fantasy film "the Great Wall" and "a number of large imports: Star Wars Episode" enemies confrontation. No matter from the row of film or at the box office, there was little chance. Director Xiao cold told reporters that there is no big hope at the box office. "We are particularly afraid, we know we have a small amount of film, people is how many billion that big production, we may just millions of small production, we do not have the luxury of how much, we just hope that we can give a little space, our. What we do not have too big luxury, in fact, for us, if a better, that is a surprise." This is not the first time Xiao Feng directed documentary. Last year he directed the documentary "Himalaya TIANTI" gains a number of awards at home and abroad, but the box office only tens of millions. At the beginning of this year by the delicacy culture documentary "a bite of China" remake of a movie on the tip of the tongue "new year" score is not low, but less than 2 million of the box office. The animal documentary directed by Lu Chuan.相关的主题文章: