I was scratching dirt! Aarif Lee suspected of default and former love affair with Fan Bingbing 3edyy

Small s and grilled dirt! Aarif Lee suspect and the original love affair with Fan Bingbing original title: once in love? Aarif Lee love and Fan Bingbing Aarif Lee suspected default former Fan Bingbing Sina entertainment news about Aarif Lee and Fan Bingbing [micro-blog] [micro-blog] gossip from time to time will turn out to be the media, but the two did not respond on the matter. In August 31st, there are users through micro-blog exposure [micro-blog] s Aarif Lee to participate in the program in a dialogue, dialogue, Aarif Lee and Fan Bingbing had suspected default contacts. The evening of August 31st, micro-blog released the Aarif Lee s visit friends dialogue screenshots, pictures, small s said an interview with Aarif Lee heard a female not to mention the name of the star, or Aarif Lee will soon be broker away. Aarif Lee said that the small deliberately bypass is called the "Li Bingbing [micro-blog]," Aarif Lee said no, but the "fan", in order to blur, Aarif Lee also deliberately say "joint Christine Fan [micro-blog] as a shield. Small s said two people had (Fan Bingbing and Aarif Lee), and Aarif Lee said "don’t be so shy face directly?" Playing Tai Chi suspected default. It is reported that Aarif Lee and Fan Bingbing played together "night", "surprise" and the two scandal later, also in that it was, but later with Li Chen [micro-blog] Fan Bingbing announced romance, two people died of gossip. (I’m MIHR) more exciting content, please pay attention to female @ Sina (micro-blog)相关的主题文章: