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"II" is the five dish man Gexianshentong who is really big die King – Sohu entertainment   Kennan Xian; white " fried barbecue cooking; " Sohu entertainment news that some people are born to do what is like comedy genius, especially in the imitation is a unique genius. For example, because imitation four kings have been known for OD, not only can jump and articulate, funny, also the moonwalk, B-BOX, Jacky Cheung Jay Chou, Mike Jackson, imitation is handy, it can be said that OD is relying on his extraordinary talent of imitation, become so far in the development of the mainland and Taiwan one of the best host. There are "Sun Goddess Sheenah, but also by virtue of their funny imitations of mainland entertainment presided over a sister sit tight throne, especially those who imitate the 9 goddesses heroic record so that everyone is fresh," Wang is fully deserve to become". In the near future "who is your dish" II, Wowkie Zhang and Kennan also guest white continue past the comedy style, put a good cook into a large ring to imitate the battlefield. Our five man Gexianshentong who is the real "big king" mentioned funny imitation of Wowkie Zhang and Bai Kainan love, you have to say a combination — five amazing man! By Wowkie Zhang, Shen Ling, Qu Ying, Jia Ling, Kennan, another five stars by virtue of their talent of imitation has opened up the entertainment to success, when they meet together, to form the "five amazing man", everybody’s career moment toward the top, both Wowkie Zhang Yang Guo and Na Ying cos still, Shen Ling Lu Yu, Faye Wong as imitation gave everyone left a very deep impression. Especially Wowkie Zhang and Kennan Wowkie Zhang white two individuals "white" combination, Yi Zhongtian classic role and remember face imitation sea mouth to imitate a variety of scripts, what like what they are classic, let us laugh ABS, "Wang mode become fully deserve". Wowkie Zhang, Kennan on the same stage each "pinched" imitation skill points at any time in the near future full of "who is your dish" II, Wowkie Zhang and Kennan on the "white mud" pay with PK’s own imitation skills. White Kennan first imitated teacher Feng Gong, open the refrigerator, imitating a master Feng Gong’s classic lines: "dear" I miss you "beer", all the people were amazed too much like! Then, Wowkie Zhang also refused to yield, the scene imitating Yi Zhongtian, "I only drink is classic, drink a cup of Yi Zhongtian xinshounianlai, two presenters impressively face a capital". "! However, in addition to the PK imitation skills, two people against each other’s skills are not inferior. Wowkie Zhang let Kennan white imitation of a young girl, singing and dancing, but also go, host I sound to lament their wrinkles, visible this handy imitation skills than we ordinary people can grasp. Of course, in the "II" who is your dish really to competition or cooking skills, white Kennan a fresh scent of beauty "fried barbecue", get all the praise, and usually never cook Wowkie Zhang but with temporary creative "own Fried String" to win the favor of chushen!相关的主题文章: