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In 1912, Sun Zhongshan to Changyu, Ming an hour "- Beijing November 12, 2016, China is the forerunner of democratic revolution, the Republic of China, the founder of the Kuomintang Chinese pioneer 150 anniversary of the birth of Mr. Sun Zhongshan. In the first year (1912) is China in modern history amidst the winds of change in a year. In January 1st, Sun Zhongshan was sworn in as Nanjing provisional president of the Republic of China, in February 13th with the rotary Qing emperor PuYi issued "edict" the resignation of the Nanjing Senate proposal to retire, Yuan Shikai elected as provisional president of the Republic of china. In August 18th, Sun Zhongshan was invited by Yuan Shikai to discuss the state affairs together by boat from Shanghai to Beijing, and opened a historic first trip to meet with Sun Yuan. At the same time, Sun Zhongshan also left Yantai by way of "Li Changyu, Ming an hour" of a story. According to the August 27, 1912 "Declaration" published the sixth edition of the "Sun Zhongshan Chronicle" to smoke records, Sun Zhongshan arrived in Yantai on the evening of August 20th in Shidao, temporary shelter. At 8 the following morning before arrival, Yantai’s military and business circles are welcome to the terminal protagonist. After the welcoming ceremony, the song (Department of the army Council, even commander (Qu Tongfeng) commander in chief of the revolutionary armed forces of Shandong Liancheng group), commander (commander outside army Shang Zhen) to accompany Sun Zhongshan Hotel banquet. 12 at noon, Sun Zhongshan to visit the Union and the Socialist Party branch held in Qunxian tea reception, 1 in the afternoon meeting. Following by the Yantai Guangdong to help merchants (Note: Changyu company founder Zhang Bishi is also the hometown of Guangdong) held a welcome in the West Nanshan garden. After 5, Mr. Sun Zhongshan "to Changyu, Ming an hour". This is clearly Sun Zhongshan Changyu inscription "the specific time of heavy goods Yecheon": August 21, 1912 after 5 p.m.. We can learn from the "complete works of Sun Zhongshan included Sun Zhongshan day speech, published" in Yantai will welcome speech "," the socialist party in Yantai, the League will welcome speech "and" speech "in the Yantai chamber of commerce. Among them, the speech in the chamber of Commerce in Yantai, said: for this plan, to business prosperity, will start from the manufacturing sector. If the Bu Zhangyu company, a large wine manufacturing field, Wine, (Note: technology and its industrial scale) is not less than the French manufacturers, will be profitable. And as the glass company (Note: Changyu company running the production of bottle glass company), vice versa. Zhang Jun (Note: Changyu company founder Zhang Bishi) to one man, and can become the great progress of manufacturing industry is China." From an old photo collection of Changyu company, Mr. Sun Zhongshan is on the same day in Western dress and leather shoes in Yantai Dress Tunic, rather than. According to historical records, Sun Zhongshan stay in Yantai for a day, by the original ship by Tianjin, Tanggu, arrived in Beijing on the afternoon of August 24th. Sun Zhongshan inscribed Changyu "heavy Yecheon" for paper this cross matching, 51 cm high, 151 CM Horizontal words; 26.5 cm high, 23 cm wide, the "inscribed Changyu company", the "sun", "Sun Wen Qian white Wenfang India india". Sun Zhongshan served as secretary of the Shanghai Municipal People’s government after Counselors’Office.相关的主题文章: