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In addition to making money, the Father also need to do? The original mother – Sohu, welcome to share personal media forwarding, reproduced please contact the author. The author Dr. dove air863 since I know pregnant wife at the moment, almost all of the fathers heart relief. At the same time, also feel the "task", later to be easy to live. Is this really the case? Pregnant women during pregnancy, expectant father in addition to making money, there are other things you need to do. These things are directly related to the future development of the baby, not how much money can be solved. The birth of this thing is from the beginning of pregnancy, the baby grew up, not to say that the end of pregnancy. Quit smoking and drinking is not that after pregnancy, smoking and drinking even if the impact on the sperm, it will not affect the baby. If you think that, you can only say that you are too young. Second hand smoke is more harmful than a hand smoke, smoke through the skin into the mother’s body, direct damage to the embryo. As for drinking, then go to bed sober advice. Let pregnant women stay away from the cat is now a lot of families like to raise a cat, and, as long as the corresponding protection work will not harm the pregnant women. However, it is generally recommended that the kitten during pregnancy temporary foster care, if it is not convenient, the father must do a good job, shovel feces officials, try to avoid contact with pregnant women and cats. Learn to massage during pregnancy, expectant father to learn a few strokes commonly used massage is absolutely harmless. When pregnant women are not comfortable or feel tired, gently massage her for a few minutes, absolutely worthy of the mouth that I love you. In addition, it is also necessary to learn a little knowledge about pregnancy. When pregnant women do not know or do not know things, a correct answer, it is not better than a "go to the hospital."! If you have time in pregnancy, it is best to accompany the birth of pregnant women, the family is more important than anything else! Expectant children don’t need fathers to help, but there are still many things need Dad to get busy. Go to the hospital to be produced package, line, inspection reports and other relevant documents and things are need to prepare in advance. Do not go to the time to use, only to get up at home, so that really will be anxious to death. There are early pregnancy, it is best not to let pregnant women into the kitchen. Not pregnant women more delicate, harmful substances caused by harmful gas generated by the combustion of carbon monoxide and cooking in the kitchen but may directly lead to abortion. During pregnancy, pregnant women and children are most important. This time only need to adhere to a principle, that is: all pregnant women. As much as possible to allow pregnant women to maintain a good mood and state, is a quasi father needs to do the work.相关的主题文章: