In addition to sage is the love drama destroyed three

In addition to "sage" is also the love drama remember we destroyed three concept before Amway’s Japanese "sage love", this "grab my first love I’ll sleep your son" destroyed three concept set really shocked many people…… But there are also many often watch drama, see more elegant set of friends said has been flattering… Because more often do not take the unusual way, destroyed three concept of drama really many, today to introduce several. "Love of chocolate": men on duty spare occupation accomplishment of this drama in high school is the main female cheating, but still very love women, because women love to eat chocolate and went to France to learn French chocolate, go back to Japan and hope women again shop, but female the main request for the male when she made the wedding cake and dessert, the man didn’t know she would get married… But… The girl still has been in the male to hope, often to the male shop looking for men, men are very happy when the spare tire when. Although men always love a woman, he will not refuse to love his girl when his bed with… Is destroyed. Although three, this drama all Yan values are good high, especially ten yuan really beautiful. "Yan day: three lovers" work this afternoon: this affair should be considered in recent years, the most famous story of housewife’s not Aaron love drama. "Day Yan" is a kind of flower blooming in the daytime and night. The so-called day Yan wife, is to send her husband to go to work after a serious housework done after the affair began cheating wife. The story of the housewife and the yarn, although married life is very unhappy, but has been deceiving themselves, and her husband can go through the plain is good, and that he will not be derailed. And she often through marriage derailed excitement Lijia sub encounter, great changes have taken place in mind, began to want to seek stimulation, and in biology teacher Kitano Yuichiro and married forbidden love. On the other hand also in the hands of her husband and son Lijia work illustrator Kato Shu huoxianhuoshen…… this drama destroyed three concept because of this show some of the circumstances make people feel derailed behoove, such as sub Lijia saying: "the true love from the marriage began." "To build a warm family is to derail." "Other than do bad to seek stimulation, is neither painful nor itching derailed." There are yarn and the marriage with her husband is not happy, but with the biological teacher together, as if he became a girl. Although it is not, but it looks like love. For example, the teacher teaches yarn and shoelaces. Two people to catch insects. Look at the teacher’s eyes. Rainy day. The drama of this small fresh picture looks very beautiful, with inspiring background music, while watching the drama did not say to yarn and biology teacher together in the mood, just minutes that can be forgiven for derailment. So wrong!   "the unhappy fruit": the measure of the angle of the extra marital love.相关的主题文章: