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"In July and still" Beijing specimen   Peter Chan: I do not have the training of Derek Tsang Culture — original title: Peter Chan: I don’t have to tune Derek Tsang film about Dongyu Zhou, Ma Sichun played the role of a lifetime story. Director Derek Tsang and producer Peter Chan paoding entertainment solutions yesterday, adapted from Anne’s novel of the same name baby movie "in July and she" held in Beijing media specimen. In an interview after the video, film producer Peter Chan admitted that the novel IP adaptation is not easy, but the film did not from the original temperament, but also enriched a lot of details. Director Derek Tsang revealed that the original author of the baby after watching the movie crying, let him work on the effect of the rest assured that the effect of the. The film will be released on September 14th. Talking about why the next project, Peter Chan said he saw the play in the triangle love drama: like the things I like when I was young, it is very comprehensive to write the collective memories after 80. Secondly, the novel has only 20 pages, but it gives us a lot of space for adaptation and addition." Despite this love story, but Peter Chan was admitted to this age to take this kind of film is not easy: "I think making female subjects particularly difficult, my own movie is from a male perspective." Therefore, he found a young director, but also a friend of Eric Tsang’s son, directed by Derek Tsang. Peter Chan said, "in July and she became popular in the 20 years" as a novel IP pressure fan can be adapted by big: "how do you change the matter will have fans unhappy, now the audience may not be recognized 20 years ago things, but if you adapted too, when read novels the audience is not satisfied." But for the young director Derek Tsang finally surrendered the "test", but Peter Chan is very satisfied: "this show the greatest success is not out of the original temperament, if I feel the author of the novel, this is my work." Derek Tsang also revealed that the original author of the baby Anne has seen the film: she looked at the cry, it should be more satisfied with the film, to see her at ease, we rest assured." About two people in the mode of cooperation, Peter Chan said he never set Derek Tsang as a producer: "if you need pointing at the scene, is that your work is not good enough, only need to save the scene. This time I’m only part of the script. As long as the film producer to defend business failure on the line, unless the director insist to the destruction of the road business, you need to pull him back." Derek Tsang said, a lot of movies when watching the father feel very hate, until Eric Tsang starred in Peter Chan’s "Shuangcheng story", was the first time that his father had also played so hard film. And he grew up in Peter Chan’s company, this time with Chen cooperation, as if to go home. The film tells the story of "July" and "she" two different character of the girls forever but very bumpy story. Dongyu Zhou and the role of accurate grasp of the role of Ma Sichun, acting a lot of affirmation. When asked how to schedule the actor, Derek Tsang said: "the election of the actor’s film on the success of the half, we try to write the script with their own character to write." Chen)相关的主题文章: