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"In July and still" Peter Chan: make a modest sponge — entertainment channel, Ma Sichun and Dongyu Zhou were playing in July and quiet. Peter Chan served as the film’s producer. Director Derek Tsang is the son of Eric Tsang, was nominated for the Golden Horse Award for best new director. Yesterday afternoon, Anne adapted from the novel of the same name in the movie "baby" was held for the first time in July and she will see the film, this is popular but also has been accompanied by the controversial work was finally unveiled in front of the media. After the film unexpectedly has won much praise. Director Derek Tsang and producer Peter Chan shared their in the film creation process of a lot of experience. "In July and still" mainland 80 collective memories, have done quite a few mainland films of Peter Chan also talked about the present generation of collective memories of feeling with image. After the short adaptation of the novel Anne baby rest assured that we will rest assured that after the popularity of the Internet, the baby is one of the earliest Chinese fire up the network writer. Published in 2000 "in July and she" as her masterpiece, although only a short, but has many fans. The movie started after the news, naturally led to a high degree of concern. When it comes to getting in touch with the story, Peter Chan says: "the novel has a good advantage and is very short. It’s a lot like what I like, even though I don’t have a completely female dominated play, but also a love triangle. It is completely written 80 collective memories, every time I see the collective memories, I will be very love, but also reflects some changes in these years, there is a generation of young people with one generation is not the same, I am very interested in. And because it is short enough, so there are a lot of space, we can do a lot of adaptation of the addition, and will not lose the novel temperament. And then I found Derek Tsang, and turned it into a movie." Director Derek Tsang is the son of Eric Tsang, in Hongkong as an actor and as a director, was also nominated for the awards for best new director. Although the origin of performing family and friends, Dad Peter Chan sits, but this young man in his thirties during the filming of the movie, in the words of Peter Chan is "completely without my tune". How to adapt the novel, Derek Tsang has his own views: "when readers read the novel, now has grown a lot, so I hope that in the structure of the story is a bit more complicated, try to keep the original inside some emotion, but a little more texture." The original author Anne baby is a very strong personal style of the writer, but admitted that in the shooting and not too much attention to this style: I have been to seize the two characters in the. Because I was also attracted the two figures, we have been wondering how to keep the book, between the two girls beyond bestie feelings." Prior to Anne baby has seen a film, Derek Tsang revealed that she gave the comment is very reassuring, to see her at ease, we are very relieved. Because after all, we have changed quite a lot." How do you choose an actor? Who said the two actress Dongyu Zhou only play girl "in July and she", July)相关的主题文章: