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In the ancient village Qiandongnan accounted for even drink three bowls of rice wine after… I am Mamali Tourism – Sohu, pay attention to travel for a long time Mamali. Column: [city] find recommended language explore the mystery as the size of the city [Live] a hotel with the "reward" the attitude of the hotel [public space] see the "public" Museum [] and diners say two or three things on the delicacy [] Raiders purely practical good share [story] dry cargo travel that little journey "thing" [Mamali travel journal] talk about my journey of love like Qiandongnan in the village, covered by a dense forest, wood low shade, looks like a primitive tribe has. One day in the village a pat, met to wash my hair in the river, the old woman smoked tobacco and running barefoot children, everything is free. It is said that in 600 years, here do not intermarry with foreign basic. It is said that this super fun to eat glutinous rice wine. Ming mountain is located in the southwest of Anhui Dabieshan hinterland, inherited the Dabie mountain system, majestic scenery, the more exciting the glass cliff, so, Yuexi county is very famous travel destination. We heard a pedestrian to experience the cloud glass plank walk, already excited, it is 42 km far from the road does not seem very far away, on the way to feel the car very fast. Also, a good mood, have a heart dream destination, would have panshanlu carsick uncomfortable, say go over smile. It is said that this place is the watershed between the Yangtze River and Huaihe mountain, two major rivers, is connected to the ancient Wu and chu. According to legend, 2100 years ago, the Han Dynasty in ancient Nanyue, Mount Tianzhu, set to "Mingtang" and named in this mountain. We first take the cable car, got halfway up the hill for 15 minutes. After climbing more than 1 hours on foot. This way, shaungyan and full of beauty, admire the mountain as Mingtang Juanxiu graceful. Looking ahead, the mountains and the sky in an unbroken line, the border. As the ancient Taihu County said "three sharp peaks into the sky, very beautiful". Because the mountain is still in the deep mountains and forests Mingtang, maintain the original ecological natural, so called treasure and animal plant paradise. Here, the trees and rocks of various side by side posture, with beauty. In the quiet forest shuttle, is a kind of experience? It is enough to see the scenery, eyes, body and mind are joyful. Alpine trees close at hand, Qifeng rocks like another world, every moment with king, king with the heart. The most shocking is the path along the cliff! He is also a large number of passengers must experience the project. The mountain path along the cliff by high-altitude Mingtang cliff plank road, glass plank, glass house, glass gazebo, different materials, different positions, different feelings, greatly satisfy people’s curiosity of seeking novelty insurance! It is said that this all add up to a total length of 1300 meters along the cliff! Just imagine, standing 1.5 meters wide and 2 meters, ground drop of 400 meters on the glass, looking at the distant horizon gap of nearly 1000 can not fear! The path along the cliff cliff built by the emperor peak after the Goddess Peak around the periphery.相关的主题文章: