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In the best season, around Langya mountain, perhaps also free of charge – Sohu traveling Langya temple to shirt people hidden, not to mention this tour for a long time. Zou Ming rang you Jian, former BEAMA Chong gang. The green green grass Taiwan into cold, all the incense. Fill a flower among the rocks, Gouyun real. The system is filled with rocks, ding. The new spring Luo Yin Yin relief wall, high green pond. Pan Lin stay, drinking water to cool. Things can be sent, tired, not forgotten. Go sit at court, but see the mountain. Why is it free? For 2016 Chinese Hangzhou G20 summit ", Langya Mountain Scenic Area in Hangzhou, Hangzhou citizens enrolled students, holding Hangzhou residence permit for foreign personnel to implement the policy of free of charge (with valid documents), free time on September 1st – September 11th. Maybe this time, we should seize the opportunity. Langya mountain AAAA class tourist area. It is located in the southwest of Anhui City, Chuzhou. By the emperor Sima Rui in the Jin Shan King Title name. Scenic area of 115 square kilometers, forest coverage rate of up to 90%. Within the scenic area has rich resources of animals and plants, trees around the scenic unique ancient buildings around Langya mountain, Langya Yu ZUIWENG Elm Creek Langya tall and vigorous, murmuring flowing, let spring, Zhuoying spring spring and spread the forest, under Tung, hung snow cave, Taoyuan cave, shigehiro cave hole magic. The nine hole eighteen spring is fascinating; dense forests, beautiful scenery makes its "East Anhui pearl" reputation. Located in the Langya mountain zuiwengting to Langya temple hill side. Because of the castle surrounded by beautiful scenery, and take Ou Yangxiu "ong Ting Ji" in the "deep Weiran show" meaning, ". Show deep lake ancient natural deep pool, visitors are fishing. The water from the Langya River, through more than depression reservoir, limpid. The lake has a zigzag bridge, pavilion, jade bridge, pavilions and other attractions, the fishing boats. Zuiwengting scenic area is located in the Langya mountain, let the spring river, is the Northern Song Dynasty Qingli six years (1046) Langya Kaihua mountain temple Abbot monk Zhi Xian was built by Ou Yangxiu when he was governor of Chuzhou. At that time, Ou Yangxiu was frustrated in politics and often with colleagues to recreational drinking (also the running of government), "drink less noir drunk, and also the highest, so call himself said drunkard", which Ou Yangxiu also wrote essays "long-lasting ong Ting Ji". In this paper, "ulterior motives, but for mountains and rivers" lovers, mingyangtianxia. In 1091, the famous calligrapher Su Shi Wang Chao the magistrate of Chuzhou invited again to write "ong Ting Ji", think of leaving the world. From then on, then zuiwengting with "Erwin sue" and mingyangtianxia. (AD 1881), rebuilt by Xue Shiyu of Quanjiao. In two, zuiwengting Xian Tang, song Bao Zhai, intended to shadow Pavilion, Xiang Ting, Gu Meiting, 61, Xinzhai, song Bao ting up garden, alcoholic solution Pavilion, pavilion, Ling River stone, wash heart let springs and other attractions, including zuiwengting in one of the four famous Pavilion, "the best in all the land Pavilion" reputation. Stuffed spring. In the Langya Mountain zuiwengting under. Song writer Ou Yangxiu "Chuzhou" like zuiwengting: "sound such as self empty, purging to two eaves. Into the Rock Creek, deep springs help a. Sound language is not chaos, the!相关的主题文章: