In the relegation drama, Korean who would be a tragedy…… – Sohu

In the relegation drama, "Korean" who would be a tragedy?…… Sohu sports on Sunday, the 2016 Super League season will be staged in Shijiazhuang ending drama, who will go to Yongchang in a, will be the biggest surprise in the final round, while the four battle of life and death is directly related to the relegation in the five season in South Korea’s landing are involved, they will also be around in the fate of the baoji. If you want to know how to avoid relegation drama staged, but also from the relationship between speaking Korean coach. Portsmouth taixia & Hong Mingfu team final round, will face the desirelessness Yanbian flight in the relegation Hangzhou Greentown, the relationship between teams coach Hong Mingfu and Pu Taixia are not ordinary. Two people friendship began in the validity period of Pohang, after graduating from college, they have played in Pohang, had played in Pohang coach Xu Dingmao under the guidance of two people after the occupation career experience and Xu Dingmao are inextricably linked. From 1998 to 2000, Xu Ding Mao coached the South Korean national team, Pu Taixia and Hong Mingfu two people were recalled in 2007, Xu Dingmao once again become South Korea coach, Pu Taixia as an assistant coach to help him. And Hong Mingfu had been able to become South Korea’s national team coach, and also served as vice president of the Korean Football Association is not unrelated to the Xu Dingmao. Li Zhangzhu & Zhang Wailong brothers + friend Li Zhangzhu was born in 1956 and 1959, Zhang Wailong was born at the same time studying at the Yonsei University in South Korea, is the relationship between the brothers, it is said that two people or roommate. Whether or not the roommate, relationship between the two close friends is as sure as a gun, dragon with Zhang’s words, they are "descendants" of the same school, also has "brothers friendship". Li Zhangzhu, Zhang Wailong, cuilong Zhu were studying at the Yonsei University, brother relationship has become a link between them. Li Zhangzhu & cuilong Zhu teacher also cuilong Zhu attended the Yonsei University, but he was born in 1973 and no chance of Li Zhang and two over the same period, but cuilong Zhu and their two people, especially the relationship between Li Zhangzhu brothers far exceeds the category, can be said that Li Zhangzhu is Cui Long coach bole and master soo. By the end of 2005, when he was 34 years old, cuilong Zhu ended with the Japanese jubilo joy contract wants to open his own occupation career as a coach, was the Seoul FC coach Li Zhangzhu accepted him, let him coach and players to join the team, half a year after the official retirement, completed the transition from occupation player to coach. In cuilong Zhu retirement ceremony, send him flowers is Li Zhangzhu. Then FC left Seoul after Li Zhangzhu, cuilong Zhu slowly find opportunities, eventually became the coach of Seoul FC. Cuilong Zhu’s retirement ceremony, Li Zhangzhu as a coach for his flowers. Cuilong Zhu & Pu Taixia partner cuilong Zhu when the Seoul FC coach, the first thing is to go to Pu Taixia account, by Pu Taixia served as chief assistant coach cuilong Zhu on his own, trust this remarkable. Pu Taixia FC in Seoul to assist cuilong zhu. Li Zhangzhu &am.相关的主题文章: