Injury attack! Juventus announced injury report two will be expected to stop for 45 days – Sohu

Injury attack! Juventus announced injury report two will be expected to be sidelined for 45 days – Sports Sohu   Beijing September 26th morning, Serie A giants Juventus team announced the injury report through its official website, defender Runiga and midfielder Asamoah were injured, is expected to take about 6 weeks to recover. This means that they are likely to miss the next 2 Champions League group stage and the Serie A in the 6 Serie A. After 1 more than 2 lost Italy national Derby, Juventus coach Allegri under the leadership of a strong rebound, the home court 4 balls swept Cagliari, they again in this weekend’s League, 1 to 0 victory over Palermo 3 points. However, the uncle feel depressed is embarrassed, the team in the two game winning streak but suffered a series of injuries. The away game against Palermo, roghani in thirty-first minutes due to injury, being replaced by Claude Lado, Asamoah after sixty-eighth minutes when substitute P Janic battle, but after just 20 minutes, the Garner international also was injured. It is worth mentioning that, because Allegri had already used up substitutions, so after Asamoah was injured, the Bianconeri have to face to 10 at the end of the game. Earlier, Italy media speculation, Rugani’s injury is not serious, and Asamoah after the injury was televised shot into his eyes suffused with tears of the picture, so the Garner international injuries may be more serious. Indeed, Juventus today in its official website issued a document that the club doctor after a detailed examination of the two players that sprained ligaments in his right knee Lunijia outside, while Asamoah was completely torn meniscus in his right knee. It is reported that the former will take the conservative treatment, while Garner midfielder may arthroscopic surgery, two people all need a truce for about 45 days. (Mo Qingsong)相关的主题文章: