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The Mid Autumn Festival holiday inventory of uncivilized behavior of the scenic spots: Beijing – the most capricious graffiti Xinhua Beijing September 18th Reuters new media ("China Internet" reporter Wang Long) Mid Autumn Festival small holiday period, some tourists or passengers wayward uncivilized behavior has become a hot topic of concern to users if. Reporters combed inventory found that some graffiti in the famous scenic spots, there are passengers broke into the airport runway to stop the plane, there are people who can not be drunk with the family reunion…… These wayward behavior, not only disrupt the public order, but also for the community to bring security risks, for the holidays plug". The most capricious: Scenic graffiti from 16 onwards, a condemnation of the scenic uncivilized behavior Posts caused widespread concern. Some friends broke the news, Beijing Fangshan scenic guaishishan 13 landscape stone, was sprayed on the "Chen Zhicheng 2016.9.1" "the lift changes, creating rugged Stony Mountains". According to media reports, Mount Huangshan village village committee secretary Chen Zhicheng said, James are the most famous landscape stone guaishishan. The village with 50 kilograms of thinner, will clean up all 13 graffiti is completed, but still left a red mark. The staff said that the Chen Zhicheng is also a number of scenic spots and regions in Zhoukoudian graffiti. 16 afternoon, Chen Zhicheng took the initiative to call the Mount Huangshan village committee apologized and promised to clean up these marks in a timely manner. According to reports, this year, 53 year old Chen Zhicheng, that he may not be able to climb these mountains, germination of the idea of making a mark on the mountain, until yesterday to remind her niece, only to realize the error. He said that the next will be down to buy the appropriate cleaning items, no matter how long it will be cleaned up these marks. [comments]: most users said they did not understand this behavior, "@ rain invisible" said: "don’t know what to write or draw the right place?" Netizen @ Bobo "said:" the old want to leave once thought can be understood, but the graffiti, the destruction of the natural landscape should not, after cleaning, must give the necessary measures to punish the people!" Some netizens said that such acts should be zero tolerance". "@ little wolf" said: "since such behavior should be included in the blacklist, all spots should go to prevent rejection, from a legal point of view, is not only an apology so simple!" Some users said that Zhicuojiugai can forgive, "brother @ rain" said: "rectifies hell. I hope this matter can play a warning to more uncivilized phenomenon." [reporter comments] visitors can not be happy at the moment, should consciously respect the protection of the natural landscape, with action to protect the landscape. The most dangerous: two people stopped the plane according to the CCTV news micro-blog reported 14 days earlier, the Capital International Airport, two passengers due to conflict with the wrong machine check-in staff, directly into the airport controlled area, rushed to the aircraft before the aircraft departure stop, forced open the door unit. The female passenger said she would not want to leave the plane. Eventually, the airport police will be taken away, the flight delayed 20 minutes. According to the "Public Security Administration Punishment Law" thirty-first, the police to the parties to make administrative detention for 5 days.相关的主题文章: