It began mopping up the a+ market in late August – Sohu listed imperial GL9 car steam_api.dll

It began mopping up the A+ market in late August – Imperial GL9 listed automobile Sohu recently, Geely announced: its new A+ class car imperial GL booking price of 8~12 million yuan, and will be officially listed in late September. Currently booking activity has been hot open. As Geely Automobile fine car 3 times "fourth models, Geely imperial GL is carefully crafted high texture of intermediate vehicles, is the backbone of the Geely Automobile in the high-end A-class car market competition, with the joint venture vehicle front against the star. Thanks to the Geely Automobile fine car development strategy ", the imperial GL will show the highest level of the current Geely cars, is in recent years to go beyond the self, to forge ahead of the latest achievements. After the official map, other interpretation, exposure to a series of reports, the imperial GL has quickly won the majority of consumer and professional automotive media. Especially recently, Geely imperial GL in Bari successfully completed the world’s first public vehicle collision test "difficult challenges, the security of access to domestic and foreign automotive safety experts praise, to prove the safety of China automobile brand strength reached the world level, and a breakthrough can be" safe "as Chinese car brand with the joint venture brand competes. In fact, in addition to being called "safety first power", "high quality" of the imperial GL is from the outside to the inside. The use of "pseudo elegant aesthetics" design concept, show the excellent manufacturing process; light luxury interior air around the application of integrated design, extensive use of slush soft material, leather material with double stitching process, both metal embellishment; job NVH optimization, build the idle speed noise is only 35.8 DB mute diving experience AQS; high air quality management system to create a "ecological purification tank", to ensure that the car no harm and no haze, sterile, fresh air enjoy enjoy. In addition to the "Chinese heart" ten 1.3T engine equipped with high power combination Getrag consisting of 6DCT, in order to bring the smooth, comfortable driving experience pleasure. Can be said that the imperial GL hit the safety and comfort of "high quality", will allow users to feel the same level as star joint models of grace and respect, understand Chinese brand car by "self defeating" and strong surprise. With the imperial GL listed footsteps approaching, Geely Automobile "imperial Legion" looming edge: including high-end sedan and A+ a three car sedan, a hatchback, A+ Sports City cross SUV and A+ grade three car in the new energy vehicles, market segments, have been covered with "the imperial Legion". On the current market reaction, the new imperial still maintained a top ten A-class sedan "in a strong market position, imperial GS also show up sales growth momentum in the SUV City cross-border joint venture, presumably after the imperial GL officially listed, will also be at the A+ level in the high-end sedan market triggered a big earthquake". Welcome to add our WeChat car, car, car: master car, car has 100 thousand auto repair master online free for you to solve相关的主题文章: