It is autumn nourishing king to eat the whole good legs, heart (video)

It is autumn "nourishing king" eat heart all good legs, in fact, the real "health master", not the expensive Chinese herbal medicines or health care products, but the us some very common ingredients. For example, the autumn of chestnut. We all know that in chestnut starch, chestnut is hidden "autumn fruit king": vitamin B1, B2 content of chestnut is rich, the vitamin B2 content of rice at least 4 times, every 100 grams contains 24 mg of vitamin C, which is the food can not match fresh chestnut contains vitamin C more than recognized rich vitamin C content is more than and 10 times more tomatoes, potassium Apple known as potassium rich apple is 4 times higher…… It seems that it is not a fruit but more like a nut chestnut, actually more than the fruit of vitamin C! Is not what point ~ raw? Cooked eat? How to eat the best? Continue to look down to eat raw chestnuts ~ legs good, good, good heart enteritis chestnuts can be eaten raw, fried, boiled food, in the consumption of all kinds of methods, raw chestnuts, and slowly chew, swallow slowly when the kidney is best. Qi spleen and stomach intestine thick chestnut is a kind of dried fruit is high in carbohydrates, can supply the body more energy, and can help the metabolism of fat. To ensure the supply of basic nutrients, there are "hardcore crops", "woody grain," said, with Invigorating the spleen, the role of thick gastrointestinal supplement. Good old old legs first legs, legs to prevent the old, in addition to exercise, but also nothing to chew chestnuts. Chestnut Jianpi liver and bone health effects on kidney deficiency, the effect is also very good, especially the elderly kidney, loose stools diarrhea is more appropriate. Is the ideal health care fruit, rich in natural vitamin C can maintain the normal function of teeth, bones, blood vessels and muscles. When eating chestnuts and exquisite, the chestnut on the mouth, then slowly chew chewing pulp Zi, until you swallow, so as to effectively solve the low back pain. Good blood vessels are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, a variety of vitamins and minerals, including high blood pressure, cardiovascular patients need to highlight the amount of potassium, known as potassium rich apple is also 4 times higher. Low sodium and potassium can effectively prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis and so on. It should be noted that chestnuts can not eat, the daily best not more than 10. Stick to it will be able to achieve a good tonic effect. This is chestnut + chicken can be nourishing dish, rather than raw chestnuts, for convalescent patients, the birth of a child, pregnant women body and weak people can eat some chicken with chestnuts, can play a big role. Moreover, the autumn is the focus of health kidney, chestnut is known as the fruit of the kidney, with kidney strong waist, blood circulation function, it is suitable for autumn to eat. Chronic enteritis often eat chestnut chronic diarrhea bowel disease may wish to eat chestnuts, the sterilization of drugs while at the same time can relieve symptoms but in kill harmful bacteria bacteria will make the gastrointestinal massive death, reduced immunity, once the withdrawal, easy to relapse. Recommend diarrhea drink porridge: chestnut chestnut porridge has jianpizhixie role, if collocation yam, jujube is better. It is to take the chestnuts (fresh) 30 grams, 50 grams of rice, yam, 20 grams (dry)相关的主题文章: