It’s okay to be anxious, heart can be dangerous…-yuria

Grow anxious actually never mind, heart anxious is dangerous… Saying any Sohu health of their appearance slightly concerned about most people do not want to hear a word: yo! You look very anxious ah ~ but today is emphasized: Huige heart grow anxious than you face "anxious" worse than some people 30 years of age, but with the "60 years" on the surface of the heart are the clouds only looked at the young heart age to decide what you can live long! The most authoritative "heart age" China self testing health knowledge dissemination incentive plan (cholesterol management? 2016) project group launched the "heart age" WeChat test self testing tool, but the two most cattle heart hospital — Beijing Fuwai Hospital and An Zhen Hospital in Beijing for nearly 40 thousand Chinese for 10-15 years of follow-up after the queue and the risk of ischemic cardiovascular disease developed prediction model. Not only can you predict the risk of cardiovascular disease in 10 years (probability), but also on the basis of your heart age. The bad cholesterol heart destroyed the National Cardiovascular Center released "cardiovascular disease China report 2015" show: 2014 China cardiovascular disease mortality disease death constitutes the first, higher than cancer and other diseases. The high incidence of cardiovascular disease and the large number of patients with dyslipidemia are inseparable, cholesterol is the most important risk factor for myocardial infarction. See it! If you don’t pay attention to blood fat and cholesterol, heart the first force to run out sooner or later. Blood lipids, the most important is low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, commonly known as "bad cholesterol". Excessive "bad cholesterol" is dangerous, it will be in the inner wall of the blood vessels to form atherosclerotic plaques. The plaque becomes larger, which may cause angina, myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction. Men over 40 years of age, women after menopause, have to carry out a blood lipid monitoring every year! What about bad cholesterol? The table is anxious, look down? Is already can’t wait to know his heart age is how much? Click the "read" a welcome glance forwarded to the circle of friends with buddies PK heart age! * this article is reproduced from the "life times" public number has been authorized to use相关的主题文章: