Jae Lee, Lv Zhenjiu starred in generation in shooting next month douke

Jae Lee, Lv Zhenjiu starred in "Li" in the generation of entertainment news (the Tencent shooting next month by Jae Lee, Lv Zhenjiu Raimi), Jin Wulie, Li Xu, Pei Xiubin starred in the movie "generation in" (tentative name) will start shooting in September. Twentieth Century Fuchs pictures international producers said on August 25th, "Li" in the film generation have completed all casting work, will officially start shooting in September 5th. "Li Jun" tells the story of the generation when the Renchen war, xuanzu fugitive from pirates, light sea king was canonized as the heir, but the story must strive to fight a lone battle national guard. The film begins with the vision of the samurai who guard the light. In the Korean era, people who had no money and no right to make a living instead of a rich and powerful person joined the army". Such a historical story can lead to the audience’s sympathy. Jae Lee will play in the generation of the captain, Lv Zhenjiu Jin Wulie and Pu Yuanxiang king gwanghaegun, who set generation army comrades, Lee, Pei Xiubin, Jin Mingkun, Xu chungmuro representative actors will serve as auxiliary light sea king figure debut. The film made by "generation army" shot "marathon", "a man who was Superman" directed by director Zheng Yinche, he is known to the theme of the in-depth details of directed style, coupled with the "generation in" strong cast lineup, is looking forward to. "Generation Li army" will begin shooting in September 5th this year. The film is expected to be released on 2017. Mobile phone news client Tencent new movie channel, global convergence, good movie information recommendation, more national Tongdui movie, Hollywood movies send non-stop around!相关的主题文章: